Saturday, 23 October 2021

More Trees - part eight

The ugly Jarvis tree has been based and given a haircut. I used DAS modelling clay to build up the base and re-sculpt the roots while I used a small set of scissors to trim the branches into a more realistic shape.

The branches were flocked with a mixture of ground foam and flock over PVA glue.

The base was painted in a homemade Snakebite Leather mix and highlighted by drybrushing before adding the usual scatter material and ground foam decoration.

The final image shows a Flintloque RifleOrc alongside for scale. The latest tree is 160mm tall and mounted on a MDF base which is 80mm x 80mm.


Friday, 22 October 2021

Another Magazine Haul

Sue and I visited Malvern yesterday enjoying the sunny weather and visiting the shops. I was lucky enough to pick up these magazines from one of the charity shops. Just £4.00 for all five - enough to keep me going for a while.....


Thursday, 21 October 2021

More Trees - part seven

Treemendous October continues with what I think is the ugliest tree I own.....

It was bought from Worcester Wargames for just £2.00 and was packed in a Jarvis Terrain plastic bag (although I'm not sure who made it as it was a second hand purchase). It looks like a simple wire brush that has been flocked and had a plastic base added, not very realistic but let's see what I can do with it.

Once again I have mounted it on to a MDF base which has been cut, trimmed and then sanded to shape. In addition I have added a metal washer to the base of the tree trunk. The tree and washer have been glued in place with hot glue.

I should be posting more images and description soon.


Tuesday, 19 October 2021

More Trees - part six

Following on from my earlier post in which I detailed how the trees were modified and the base was built. I have now finished the painting. The groundwork was painted in my usual Snakebite Leather colour and the stones picked out in grey, highlighted with white. The silver birch tree trunks were painted in a dirty grey colour with some pure white splotches as seen when studying a similar tree that grows in a neighbours garden.

The painted base was then flocked and decorated with various flocks and even the odd static grass tuft while the final image shows a Flintloque RifleOrc alongside to give an idea of scale. The largest silver birch tree is 180mm tall and the three trees are mounted on a MDF base that is 150mm x 85mm.

I think the tree stands look great and I was very pleased with the final result.


Sunday, 17 October 2021

More Trees - part five

Today's post details how I modified these shop bought Silver Birch models to make this stand of three trees.

Like the earlier tree projects these trees had been sitting in my shed unloved and ignored for ages. I seem to recall buying them in a charity shop in Shrewsbury, but can't be positive as it was many years ago.

The trunks have been lengthened and then beefed-up with masking tape and thread before they were glued in place on an off cut of 6mm thick MDF. I added some metal miniature bases to the MDF base as well as two small stones picked up from the garden before building up the groundwork with DAS modelling clay.

The three trees had extra foliage added by cutting up the remaining two trees and gluing bits in place with superglue. I wanted the three trees to be both taller than the originals and to have some variety in height.

The smallest tree has an unmodified trunk, while the other two have lengthened trunks. At this moment they are unpainted DAS, but you can see how I have sculpted roots to the bases.

More to follow and soon.


Friday, 15 October 2021

More Trees - part four

Continuing with the theme of trees for the wargame table, today's post shows how I took this simple 'bottle brush' type tree and remodelled it into a more realistic example.

Once again this toy tree was from my collection of used model trees. It was a bottle brush style tree with foam beads and a broken trunk.

I used my paint stripping heat gun to melt the foam beads and clean up the branches, then set about trimming the shape with a small set of scissors. I might have gone a little too far as the shape was a bit sparse once I had finished.

The new trunk is a section of plastic tubing superglued in place and the flocking was some mid green foam flock I had in my spares box. I used PVA glue to attach the flock and two thick layers of flock to give a more luxurious covering.

The remodelled tree was attached to a MDF base with some metal bases glued in place before the groundwork was built up with DAS modelling clay and textured with sieved stones, sand and sawdust.

The base was painted in my usual Snakebite Leather colour and detailed with more railway scatter and flock applied over PVA glue as well as some ground foam glued in place with superglue.

The final image shows the two trees side by side. - the new tree is a great improvement over the simple toy tree and is 160mm tall on a MDF base.


Thursday, 14 October 2021

More Trees - part three

The base has been flocked with various railway scatter and foam over PVA or superglue to match my gaming board.

The single tree is 170mm tall and mounted on a 100mm x 85mm MDF base.

The final image shows a Flintloque RifleOrc alongside the tree base for scale comparison.

Hopefully, I can post details of other tree models soon.