Saturday 13 April 2024

Help - I've lost my figure painting Mojo!

There is no doubt in my mind - I've lost my Mojo! I haven't painted a figure in months, possibly over a year and I have no excuse. I have loads of unpainted lead and shelves full of paint, not to mention boxes of paintbrushes and even a wet palette but I just don't have the drive to sit and paint.

What should I do?



Friday 12 April 2024

A Messy Little Pig Sty - Miniature Wargames issue 493

The latest issue of Miniature Wargames - issue 493 (May 2024) features this scratch build pig sty built and painted by me some time ago. It was originally features in my self published book Dampfpanzerwagon Guide No. 1 Building Wargame Terrain (now out of stock) but has been included here in a much condensed form (the original article ran to twelve pages). I have included some additional images of the model on my display board with a Flintloque figure alongside for scale.

You can find the magazine in most WHSmiths stores or see this link for more details of how to order a copy and see the full contents.

This is one of my favourite models from the Dampfpanzerwagon Guides and one that I doubt I will ever get rid of.


Thursday 11 April 2024

Charity Shop Finds

These two books were picked up for just £1.00 each - at these prices they were just too good to pass up.


Sunday 31 March 2024

Renegade Nell from Disney

The new fantasy adventure from Disney landed this week and after all of the hype I was looking forward to seeing how the story and characters panned out. Episode one was a character introduction story but I found it a little underwhelming - I'm not saying that I will not be watching the rest of the series (which I hope will get better) but I think I was expecting more.

I have included this link for anyone not familiar with the story, but there are many other clips and reviews available on the internet should you want more information.

Overall I would recommend it but think it could have been better. Hopefully the next episode will be better and live up to my expectations.


Friday 29 March 2024

1935 Morgan Super Sports from Academy/Minicraft

Earlier this month I was given this secondhand 1/16th scale model kit of a 1935 Morgan Super Sports three wheeler as a birthday present. The second hand kit is complete with just the rubber tyres attached to the spoked wheels and minus the decals. Quite a feat for a kit from the 1990's.

I was given the Morgan three wheeler book some time ago so I can't complain that I don't have enough information to build a true replica. But will it be a pristine example or slightly used one? And what colour?

Thanks to Gary and Beckie (and the boys) for my birthday present.


Monday 18 March 2024

West Midlands Military Show 2024

The West Midlands Military Show was held yesterday and I spent most of the morning and lunchtime browsing the exhibits and trade stands. Here are some of the photographs I took.

I didn't buy that much, just some modelling supplies, but I am grateful to the organisers for the Bring & Buy stand where I sold off a number of pieces of scratch built terrain which should give me some much needed room in the garage. I hope that anyone who bought the pieces has some use and fun from these models.

Once again I thought the show was very well organised and I enjoyed meeting up with modelling friends and discussing new projects.


Tuesday 12 March 2024

West Midlands Military Show 2024

Just over a week to go to the Alumwell Wargames West Midlands Military Show. I intend visiting but will not be exhibiting as I have other commitments. For more information, see this link.

I look forward to the first show of the year (well for me anyway).