Monday, 22 February 2021

Flintloque Orc Line Infantry Officer - all finished

One final image showing the group of eight Orc Line and the newly converted Orc Line Officer on my scenic gaming board.


Friday, 19 February 2021

Flintloque Line Infantry Officer - finishing the base

I painted the metallic parts after I had varnished the miniature then added some static grass and static grass tufts to the base for decoration.

The final image shows the Orc Officer leading his gallant Orc Line into battle agains those cowardly 'pointy-ears'.

The conversion and painting were great fun and I can see me doing more Flintloque figures and regiments this year.


Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Flintloque Line Infantry Officer - the painting

1 - Undercoated with Tamiya grey spray paint, then painted with a dark brown/black base.

2 - The flesh areas were built up over a brown wash using a Snakebite Leather colour and then highlighting with white added to the mix.

3 - Some more skin highlights and then the red uniform and grey trousers were painted.

4 - Starting on the detailing with Apple Green cuffs and the red/white cockade.

5 - Nearly complete - just the metallic bits and varnishing to do.


Monday, 15 February 2021

Flintloque Line Infantry Officer - the construction

I was working on this single Flintloque miniature at the same time as the group of eight Flintloque Orc Line Infantry (see earlier posts). My intention was to use it as an officer figure for the group. The base miniature is from the Dismounted Dragoons (3 Orcs) 54013 blister with legs donated from a Ferach miniature. the legs and body have been glued and pinned.

The figure was mounted on to a 2p coin.

I built up the groundwork with some Milliput standard grey/yellow epoxy putty.

Then added detail with a Milliput/Green Stuff mix. The base was further textured with some sieved stones and sand applied over PVA glue.

The cloak to the rear of the figure hid a lot of ham-fisted sculpting and was further refined with a scalpel once fully set.

I then used Green Stuff to sculpt smaller or more intricate features such as the ribbon on the Bicorne and refine the buttons on the figures cuffs.

Hopefully I can get additional posts uploaded soon.

Stay safe.


Saturday, 13 February 2021

Practical and Simple Wargame Terrain - part nine

Another month, another Miniature Wargames magazine and another article written by me. The Theme Park Cottage was inspired by an image  I found on the internet and built from cardboard, foamboard and egg box card. For full details of the build, see Miniature Wargames issue 455 (March 2021 issue).

This is the ninth chapter in the series showing how I construct and paint Simple Wargame Terrain built from everyday materials, the earlier tutorials are; 

The Prussian Barn

The Stone Cottage

The Timber Frames House

The Round Dovecot

A Thatched Cottage

European Barn

Wooden Shack

And Thatched Hovel

I can confirm that there is at least one more model in the series, then hopefully, I can try something new.


Friday, 12 February 2021

GW miniatures for sale on Ebay

I have a number of Games Workshop metal miniatures for sale on Ebay. Check them out at this link.

There are also some non GW minis - here a couple of examples.


Wednesday, 10 February 2021

Scratch Built 40K Gobsmasha

Today's post is a real 'blast-from-the-past'. A scratch built Orc 40k Gobsmasha that was built nearly thirty years ago using plans included in an old White Dwarf magazine. The model was built during a holiday at my Mother-in-Laws and uses bits and pieces found around the house. The finished model was featured as a showcase model in the old Swansea Models and Hobbies store, Swansea.

The core construction was some thick card, which had been 'layered' with more card to give a strong basis on which to add detailing.

Some of the scrap material used includes, Christmas decorations, pen barrels and tops, a Pritt glue stick for the gun barrel and rivets sliced from artificial flower stems.

The wheels were cut from beer mats and covered with more card and detailed with more cut up beer mat card and some spare washers.

The model was undercoated with grey primer (a rattle can spray paint) and the treads on the wheels are lentils/split peas, stuck in place with PVA glue.

The whole model was 'textured' by splattering the tank with watered-down Milliput epoxy putty which gave the model a solid base for painting and added some subtle interest to the basic and plain panels.

Painting went a little haywire; tiger stripes and lots of rust. I particularly liked the eyes painted on the front.

The exhausts were painted in a basic rust colour and the exhaust staining was drybrushed black.

Some time after it was on display in Swansea Models and Hobbies, it was returned to me and I thought I had placed it in the attic. I am sorry to say that I no longer know where it is. But at least I have these images, which were found when I was searching through some old photographs earlier this week.

I hope you like the Gobsmasha - it was great fun to build and paint.