Tuesday 30 June 2015

The Pax Boche themed month - my thoughts

It should come as no surprise to anyone who follows this Blog that for the month on June I have attempted a Pax Bochemannica themed month, that is every Blog post this month has included something to do with this great game from Maveryc Games.

So what do I think I have proven?

Firstly, I have been a fan of both the game and the ideal behind the game since I first saw miniatures of the original Pax Boche game back in Harbinger (now you begin to see just how far back I go!) which had a two page feature of version one. When I read that a revised Mk II boxed game was being developed I knew I would have to have it and was lucky enough to know one of the play-testers. My game testing has never been that good and so (as the Blog relates) I volunteered to build some Halfling Boche terrain. This terrain has featured in Miniature Wargames, Halfling Roundhouses in the article Bish, Bash Boche.

I was even given a set of three Halfling Boche and three Noman Legionaries which have also featured on this Blog.

When the Pax Bochemanica - S.P.Q.Orc Game was being prepared I pre-ordered mine and when it came I was impressed by the quality of both the miniatures and the rulebook, but then other interests took over and there seemed to be some issues with distribution of the game. I am embarrassed to say that my copy of Pax Bochemannica remained in the attic, unpainted and un-loved for some considerable time.

Later, I wrote three linked gaming scenarios for Orcs in the Webbe and even built some more themed terrain, once again details can be found on this Blog or Orcs in the Webbe.

Then my interest was rekindled. I read on the Maveryc Games site that David Toone had once again started sculpting - and they were beauties. Maybe it was time to get that box out of the attic?

Even so it took some time and another prompt - this time a couple of pre-release gaming scenarios, that were e-mailed to me for review. Yes I thought, Pax Boche was back and I wanted to be involved.....

Back in May, I started planning my Boche themed Month.

27 daily Blog posts over 30 days which I hope have retained readers interest, but more importantly they have retained mine!

So what do I think?

I am pleased that the original boxed set of Halflings have now been painted, in fact I was given four 'spare' Halflings - three of which have been painted, two of them converted! I have also converted and painted the Boche Mastiffs and even the two pieces of featured terrain - The Dolmen and the Gaming Objective. But I still remain a little disappointed as all of this work has not generated the amount of feedback or comments I have hoped for, actually expected.

My daily view numbers are down from a norm of 10,000 views a month to just over 7,500 a 25% decline. Comments have been below average and although the views (and comments) on The Lead Adventure Forum have been good, I have begun to wonder if I am a lone voice?

Are there that many collectors and gamers of this great game out there? If so what do they think?

Finally. I would not expect the Noman Legionaries to be painted any time soon, other more pressing matters and even a couple of commissions will be taking pride of place for July and August, so my Pax Bochemannica month, has it proven anything, other than prompting me to paint up some long-forgotten miniatures. Yes - The game is not as well supported as I would have hoped.


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Monday 29 June 2015

Boche Standard and Musician - part two

The Flesh areas have been built up in the same way as the earlier Boche Halflings. Charred Brown, Snakebite Leather, Stonewall Grey and Skull White.

Image Two - The all-important trousers, trews or kegs have been painted in Blue, Red and (unusual for me) Purple. The Purple was from Rackhams.

Image Three - The stripes were built-up over Stonewall Grey and highlighted with Skull White.

Image Four - Metallic areas were first undercoated Dark Brown and then Citadel Metallics were used on top.

The bases were painted in the same way as the earlier Pax Bochemannic Halflings.

Image Five - The finished group after being varnished and having the bases decorated.


Sunday 28 June 2015

Boche Standard Bearer and Musician

I picked up this pair of Copplestone Celtic Elves from e-bay. It is my intention to use the Boar Standard and the Horn as conversion parts for the additional Pax Bochemannica Boche that were passed on to me earlier this month by Rob Alderman.

Image Two - This spear wielding Boche had the spear cut from his right hand and a section of metal rod attached in its place. The new sword was cut from plastic card and remodelled with Milliput epoxy putty.

Image Three - The Boar standard was cut from the donor Elf and after drilling a hole in the base of the Boar, I superglued it in place.

Image Four - I had tried to sculpt/convert one of the Boche to be holding the Horn to his mouth, but this proved too difficult for me and in the end, I placed the horn in his right hand and again sculpted a sword in his left. The third figure is pretty stock, just a small flat bead as a shield instead of the round shields supplied in the original box set.

Image Five - The bases were further textured with sand and stones before being undercoated with 'rattle-can' Black. Any bits missed were touched-up with Chaos Black from GW.


Saturday 27 June 2015

Boche Halflings - the last three minis/3

Image One - The bases are finished and I have varnished with both Gloss and Matt Varnish. The Pax Bochemannica Halflings just need the bases decorated and they are ready to join the rest of the Boche.

Image Two - Static Grass and Ground foam applied over superglue and the last three Boche Halflings from the original boxed set are well-and-truly finished.

Image Three - DelBoy, Rodders and Trigger pose for a group image.

With all the Halflings from the original box set now finished, where now? You'll have to wait until tomorrow for that to be answered.


Friday 26 June 2015

Boche Halflings - the last three minis/2

The last three miniatures from the Pax Bochemannica box set have had the flesh areas built up over a Dark Brown base. I have used snakebite Leather and Stonewall Grey to highlight the skin tones before 'washing' the figures with Citadel Flesh and Sepia washes.

Image Two - As with the earlier Boche figures, I have painted the trousers and what in these cases seem to be scarf's by building up a strong base colour with just one highlight before adding the pyjama stripes. This was done in exactly the same way as the earlier Boche.

Image Three - The detail painting continues and now, I just need to finish off the bases.


Thursday 25 June 2015

Boche Halflings - the last three minis from the Boxed Game

We're getting close to having a full Warband of Pax Bochemannica Boche Halflings. These are the last three miniatures from the original box set to be painted and as you can see they are beauties.

Image Two - I wanted my DelBoy character to be a little different and so replaced the rather flimsy axe with a HUGE sword cut from a Sword Maiden from Celtos Games. It was an easy conversion and one, that I believe sets my DelBoy apart from all the other Boche Wellard's.

You should also be able to see how I have added a DelBoy 'D' necklace to his chest - a DelBoy trademark.

Image Three - All three Halflings are now based on 1p coins with the groundwork built up from Milliput and/or Green Stuff.

Image Four - After adding some sieved stones and fine sand to the bases, I have painted the miniatures with 'rattle-can' Black and touched up any missed areas with Chaos Black from GW.

They are now ready to be painted.....


Wednesday 24 June 2015

Who let the Dags out - part two

In a change from the norm, I undercoated the three Mastiffs White rather than my usual Black. This allowed me to use watered-down acrylic paint to build up the distinctive coats of these dogs,

Image Two - The dogs were easy to paint, just follow illustrations and images from the Net and you can't go wrong. The Black mouths, ears and heads were painted with a very dark Grey once again following illustrations found after a Google Search.

I have painted the bases in the Darker Brown that I use for these Pax Bochemannica miniatures and after picking out the odd stone in Grey (mixed from Chaos Black and Skull White) I varnished the figures with both Gloss and Matt Varnish.

The bases have been further decorated with static grass, static grass tufts and ground foam, all held in place with small dabs of superglue.

Image Three - Here you see the three Warlord Games Mastiffs alongside a Pax Boche Halfling. I think they work well together.


Tuesday 23 June 2015

Who let the Dags out - Boche Mastiffs

Although, still a Boche themed post, there are no Pax Bochemannica miniatures included in today's update. Instead I will show how I have used some Mastiffs from Warlord Games to act as Boche Hounds. The three Mastiffs are from the Hail Caesar blister pack - Celt Mastiffs WG-CE-MAS-1 which were picked up from e-bay.

Image Two - The three dogs are very well sculpted and beautifully capture the musculature of these dogs. My only criticism was that they were a little to fragile, some of the legs were needle thin, this is correct for 28mm Historical Miniatures, but my Boche Mastiffs needed bulking out to fit in with my 'chunky' Halflings - my Bald and Chunky Halflings!

Image Three - I have used my trusty Green Stuff to add some additional 'body' to my models. I call it Flintloquification! The building up of the natural musculature or features into over-the-top characterisations - In addition to the Green Stuff I used Modelling Paste (thick paint that you can add to acrylic paint to add texture), this was applied with a paintbrush and straight from the tube.

The three Mastiffs are mounted onto 1p coins - an operation that required some major cutting-back of the bases and in two cases, re-modelling of the sculpts. The groundwork was sculpted from Milliput and the bases further textured with sieved stones and fine sand over uPVA glue.

I am aware that Maveryc Games are working on a Mastiff sculpt, but I couldn't wait and went ahead and modelled my own Boche Dags.


Dags = Dagenham Dogs.

Monday 22 June 2015

Does my Ass...... A Scenario for Pax Bochemannica

Does my Ass Look Big in This?
A Pax Bochemannica Gaming Scenario by Tony Harwood
The Peckham Irregulars have seen such success and growth in recent month that not only is food becoming an issue but so is the sheer amount of 'enthusiasm' shown by the younger members, the Yoofs. What they need is something to kick in...
Dell and the boy’s were having some success. Over the last couple of months the Peckham Irregulars had developed quite a following, the small Boche warband had grown and now included some seasoned warriors, a good number of yobs and even the odd weapon.
One unexpected consequence of their success was the growing number of yoofs - delinquent unruly juveniles, all searching for acceptance into the warband proper.
Del, in his usual manner had dealt with the situation by engaging in a game of ‘ostrich’ (sticking his head in the sand) and believed that this small inconvenience would eventually fizzle-out.
It didn’t. It just got bigger.
The blockhouses around Peckham were crammed full of thieving, illegitimate spotty yoofs all looking for a way out. The newly formed and successful Peckham Irregulars (the P. I.’s) looked to many as the ‘Golden Torq’ or ticket and for this reason all the baddest yoofs were now drawn to Dell like cheap jewellery to a magnet or TOWIE girls to a Ratners necklace. Aw Crap!
Rodders and Trigger had been given the not inconsiderable task of keeping these new recruits in order. Things came to a head when a rabble of yoofs drank too much strong Mead and later set fire to one of the smaller raised grain stores.
The problem was two fold (actually three fold). The loss of grain – how could this newly formed band hope to keep all of its members happy with less food and more mouths to feed? Secondly – the Nomans had seen the fire and the P.I’s had come to the attention of Bouccie, a Noman ambassador who had recently had some dealing with Del, Rodknee and these Boche. Thirdly (and say this in hushed tones) Rodknee was having trouble controlling these Boche yoofs, the truth is, they were bullying Rodknee and if things continued the way they were going, full anarchy would follow (very soon).
Within two days a small force of Noman Legionares had set up camp within rock-hurling range and plans were afoot to drag up a huge Onager (Ass in Noman) stone throwing machine to soften up the Boche. Another two days and the first huge boulders started to rain down on the thatched, wattle and daub huts.
Things could not continue like this for too long.
Rodknee devised a plan (calling it a cunning plan for more effect). He would allow the yoofs to approach the Onager in the dead of night, with the intention to disable the huge wooden machine – cut it, burn it, knobble it, whatever they do they must stop the flying stones and stop them quickly.
As night descends – the yoofs move off into the pitch black night. Can they succeed? If they do, can Dell or Rodknee ever hope to control them? Will Rodknee ever recover from the bullying? Will the yoofs stop bullying Rodknee? Will Casanadraever stop bullying him?
Set Up
A simple clear board (120cms x 120cms), some odd scenery (just enough to make it look nice). In the centre of the board is the Onager (substitute it with whatever war machine you may have to hand, after all it is just an effectively objective marker).
Noman engineers are sleeping quite close by but not expecting company (although some of those naughty Noman camp followers would be nice and it is a cold night – but I digress).
The scenario takes place at night so the normal modifiers apply.
Noman Forces
Four Noman engineers, sleeping around a small camp fire, no guards. They are armed with segmented armour, metal helmets, short swords and shields. Throw a D10 for each Legionnaire at the beginning of the scenario and consult the table below to see what they start the game with;
1-3 Just sword
4-5 Sword and helmet
6-7 Sword, helmet and shield
8-10 Sword, helmet, armour and shield
Boche Force
Up to twelve Boche Halfling Yoofs, inexperienced, green and full of boyish exuberance and mischief. They have odd tools – axes, mallets, crow bars even some tinder etc, but their main weapons will be short swords or long knives.
They can also throw stones – they are very good at throwing stones – see the earlier scenario.
Rodknee could lead the Boche, but don’t expect his orders to be followed – he is not well thought of by these rebel yoofs!
Noman reinforcements will not be far away and once the fighting starts, they will respond, quickly and with force. A group of 6 Legionnaires will enter the table on the next turn after the first sounds of attack, fighting or vandalism.
Special Rules
Every Boche in base-to-base contact with the Onager can try to damage the war machine. Each Boche in contact per turn – reduces the strength by 1 point on a die roll of 8 or over (D10). The damage can be fire, chopping of wood, cutting of ropes or even graffiti.
It will take 25 successful attacks to fully destroy the Onager.
Victory Criteria
The Nomans win if the Onagar is intact at the end of the night.
(You may wish to agree on a game length prior to starting this scenario, if you do, I suggest that the game is played twice with each player swapping sides and comparing the results).
The Boche win if the Onager is out of action at the end of the night. In addition any surviving Boche yoofs will expect to be promoted to full members of the ‘posse’ – members of the Peckham Irregulars or P.I.’s.
Maia help Del and Rodknee if this happens, as they will be buggers to control.
Anything else is a draw – or a degrees of a draw.
This Pax Boche scenario was originally published on Orcs in the Webbe back in December 2013. For further adventures check out this link.

Sunday 21 June 2015

Boche Halflings - group four/6

The fourth group of Boche Halflings from the Pax Bochemannica box set are now fully painted. The swords, shields and other weapons were finished off in my usual style - a base coat with two or three highlights. The groundwork has had the odd stone picked out with Grey - a mix of Chaos Black and Skull White before being washed with Black and Sepia washes from GW.

Image Two - Shows the varnished and decorated miniatures, throughout the whole group I have mixed-up my base decorations, varying between static grass, static grass tufts and ground foam all applied over small dabs of superglue.


Friday 19 June 2015

Boche Halflings - group four/5

Most of today's update is small detail painting, the swords, axe and spear, the shields and of course the hat. This Pax Bochemannica group is nearly finished and will soon be added to my collection.


Thursday 18 June 2015

Boche Halflings - group four/4

I think these two images show much better than any words can how I paint the trousers, trews or kegs of my Boche miniatures.

The base colours are always built up with at least one highlight (Red) over a darker base and sometimes two or three highlights (Green or Blue).

Once I am happy with the bright colour, it's onto the white pyjama stripes. These are painted freehand with a fine brush (one with a good tip) first with Stonewall Grey from Vallejo and then Skull White from Games Workshop. I tend to water-down the White to get a good fine line which is placed as highlights over the Grey.

In the Pax Bochemannia box set and on various forums, gamers have stuck to one colour for the whole group of figures, I find that having a variety of different colour (the bright highlight) the group look much more fun.

The spearman (spear-halfling) on the left has had his spear trimmed and an axe head added. This is just a sliver of plastic card sanded to a wedge shape and then trimmed with a scalpel. I have added it to a short tube of plastic rod before supergluing it in place.


Wednesday 17 June 2015

Boche Halflings - group four/3

The painting proper, starts with an overall coat of Bestial Brown from Vallejo. This is roughly highlighted with Bestial Brown and Snakebite Leather then further highlighted with Snakebite.

The musculature is defined with a Snakebite and Stonewall Grey mix before being 'washed' with Sepia, Flesh and Black washes.

Prior to this image being taken I have once again defined the muscles with the Snakebite/Stonewall Grey mix.

As I have previously noted, this is not my usual skintone recipe, but I think it works well with these 'earthy' Halflings and by keeping the same recipe throughout the group, the figures should work well together.


Monday 15 June 2015

Boche Themed Month - my initial thoughts

With half the month already gone, I thought it was worth including my initial thoughts as to how I think this Boche Themed Month has gone.

It should be obvious, but I really enjoy this game - or more accurately enjoy the thought of this game as up to now I have only played a single game of Pax Bochemannica, the Sticks and Stones scenario that can be found here. However I think the miniatures and background 'Fluff' is fantastic and everything I want in a fun game. The guys at Maveryc have taken this simple idea and made something very special.

The themed month has prompted me to (eventually) get around to painting the Boche Halflings and hopefully the rest of the Noman Orcs too. It may not be obvious but a number of the articles for the month were in fact written and the miniatures painted back in May. This is one of the main reasons why the content for last month was below the usual number of posts. 

I also took the opportunity to include a number of earlier posts, Pax Bochemannica posts to 'flesh out' the content for this special themed month. Expect more, In fact as I sit at my computer I have a couple more un-finished Boche Halflings looking back at me with pleading eyes, wondering when their paint jobs are going to be finished!

I would have to admit to a tinge of disappointment, as the number of Blog visits has been lower this month than normal, about 25% down on my 10,000 monthly hits while the Lead Adventure views are well up (I have also been posting shorter teasers on LAF). Maybe this will change, but even so I am committed to continue with this themed month.

Thank you to Rob Alderman, who has supplied me with a group of 4 spare Boche miniatures that will be used later in the month - stay tuned for further details.


Finally, I have included this image of a non-Pax Bochemannica model - the 200th Anniversay Monument from Alternative Armies. For full details of this very special new release go to this link.

I have already ordered a model and look forward to painting it up (maybe even re-basing it and painting it!).

Happy Anniversary


Boche Halflings - group four/2

The four Pax Bochemannica Boche Halflings have been based on 1p coins, the bases built up with Milliput epoxy putty and the groundwork textured with sand and small stones applied over uPVA glue.

You can also see the variety of shield designs - there is a standard Pax Boche shield with the detail sanded off and a new shield boss built from plastic rod, a resin shield from a Dwarf Fantasy figure and a scratch built shield built from the top of a vase or urn.

You should also be able to notice that the second figure has had a hat added.


This figure is to be my Mickey Pearce character, for details see this Wicki entry. The hat is a from a 40mm AWI figure, cut off the donor and then sanded smooth before being glued in place with superglue and the join filled with Milliput.

Image Two - The four Boche undercoated with 'rattle-can' Black, any missed bits are touched up with Chaos Black.


Saturday 13 June 2015

Boche Halflings - group four

The Boche themed month continues.....

I have chosen this group of 4 Halfling Boche from the original Pax Bochemannic boxed set as the next painting project or On-Line Build.

Stay tuned for more updates.


Friday 12 June 2015

An Objective Marker for Pax Bochemannica

I have started another group of 4 Pax Bochemannica Boche Halflings, however I thought that this post of an Objective Marker might prove more interesting and add some variety to the Boche themed month of June.

The initial illustration was taken from a French Graphic Novel, I'm sorry but I have forgotten the title of it. The illustration shows a shield and weapons resting against a dead tree. I thought that it could be easily reproduced using a Shield from the Noman Orcs and some spare bits from my 'bits box'.

Image Two - The tree branch was cut from a MacDonald's or Burger King toy and mounted on to a 40mm metal washer. I used DAS modelling clay and Milliput epoxy putty to build up the groundwork before adding the metal shield. The Resin pot is from a set produced by Baueda. The sword from a 40mm Spartan and the resin helmet from a Fantasy Roman Dwarf - quite a mix of bits!

The groundwork has been further textured with sieved sand and small stones applied over uPVA glue.

Image Three - I have used both Black and Dark Brown paint to built up the base colour.

Image Four - The main colours have been either drybrushed on or blocked in. The shieled has been washed with Red ink (hence the gloss finish) and the Gold layered over Dark Brown and highlighted on the upper edges with a Gold/Silver mix.

Image Five - The detail painting continued with the hand-painted shield design, this was built up in layers over a Snakebite Leather base with Yellow/White highlights. The pot was painted Terracotta.

I have also picked out the vines climbing along and up the tree with Dark Green.

Image Six - After finishing the painting and varnishing I decided to add ground foam foliage to the branches. This I did by holding the ground foam with a pair of tweezers and dipping the foam in superglue before positioning it on the tree.

A Pax Bochemannica Noman Orc is positioned alongside to give an idea of the size of this piece of terrain.

Image Seven - The finished piece of terrain, this time with a Boche Halfling.

The model is based on a 40mm metal washer and is 60mm tall. I am sure that I will be able to find some game use for it but it will also act as a decorative stand or background when I photograph the miniatures from the initial box set.


Thursday 11 June 2015

Sticks and Stones - a Scenario for Pax Bochemannica

Sticks and Stones
A Pax Bochemannica Scenario by Tony Harwood and Craig Andrews
Stumbling home after celebrating his birthday, the Boche Rodknee and some of his Youf mates decide to pitch a few cleverly worded insults (not to mention a shed load of stones) at some Noman Legionaires on their way home.
“ ’Appy Day of Birth Rodders!” said Del as Rodknee opened the broken door on his little hut. When Rodknee saw the little Halfling, all dressed up in his Geezer gear no less, he was overjoyed. Since Del had gone up in the world (literally, being Geezer meant his hut was now raised up on a platform) he’d hardly seen his brother. And now it seemed he was going to be treated to a night on the town (such as it was) with his big brother, the newly appointed Geezer of The Peckham Irregulars (or Reliant Robins, they still weren’t sure which sounded better). Rodknee’s joy began to ebb as Del brought forth what seemed to be nothing more than a folded piece of cloth with the words, Harpy Birthday on the front along with what Rodknee assumed was meant to be a charcoal sketch of a fearsome creature ‘comically’ wearing a hat. Del proffered the item, “It’s my latest scheme ain’t it Rodders, Day of Birth cards!” As Del went into a long explanation of what Rodknee thought to be a very simple premise not warranting any explanation his joy evaporated completely, he gazed longingly out the window and thought what could he actually do to celebrate his ‘Day of Birth’.
Hours later, Del having returned to his big raised hut in the centre of ‘town’, Rodknee was getting dressed up. Del had in fact given him a few coin to go and have some fun, not just the useless piece of folded in half cloth. So, Rodknee, Trigger and someone called Dave (who no one quite knew) along with six yoofs (the young and impressionable of Peckham) were off ‘clubbing’. The new ‘clubbing’ anyways, the old type being banned due to too many injuries and not enough wooden clubs. The new ‘clubbing’ was much more up Rodknee’s path - drinking watered-down, cheap ale with mead chasers, generally being ‘On the lash’ (again the new type with no actual whip), and hopefully ‘On the Pull’ as well (also new, much more reciprocal, like tug of war, than the one sided ‘pulling’ of old).
As befitting any young and impressionable Halflings out celebrating their day of birth, by midnight the money was gone, the chicken-in-a-basket clucking loudly and the two Towie girls they’d successfully ‘pulled’ were beginning to grumble that it was getting a bit nippy. The Towie girls, Cassandra - a little Boche Halfling with flaming red hair and a temper to match (little being her vertical status, her horizontal status being best described as big boned, if you get what I mean) and Miranda - a rather older, and more motherly character, also quite well off in the bones department – were both wearing the traditional folk outfits of a Towie so it was no bloody surprise they were cold. Decked in nothing but leopard or zebra skin bikinis (Rodknee wasn’t sure which) and a whole lot of woad makeup all in all giving them a ruddy orange glow that by this time of night had deteriorated into nothing more than a brown staining around their eyes giving the impression that they had in fact been ‘pulled’ in the old fashioned way or at least had a fight over a yoof/drink/key-bab (the last being a Strange type of Skirtan food that had slowly been spreading through Halfling lands since the Nomans came).
The Scenario
As they make their way back home across barren and open countryside brightly lit in the full moonlight they are spotted by a pair or Legionares out on night patrol, actually the same two Legionares that took part in the earlier Parley Vous Boche scenario and have been on continual night patrol ever since on the very special orders of Bouccie. Seeing the distinctive profile of Rodknee (somewhat tall, somewhat slim and somewhat weedy) they decide to give him a ‘good kicking’ in payment for the punishment they have had to endure.
The Peckham Irregulars, after their night of revelrie (well, what would have been a night of revlerie if Rodknee knew what revelrie was) are in no state for a full-on engagement with these two fully armed and angry Nomans so, aided and abetted by the alcohol running through their veins) decide to taunt the Nomans with chants primarily calling into question the marital status of their mothers and to throw the odd stone or two.
The small hillock that dominates this particular clearing is very well equipped with both large (33 calibre) throwing discs and the smaller (45 calibre) or ‘singles’ throwing discs.
The chanting, abuse and throwing begins and just further infuriates the two Legionares. Who by now are very, very angry.
The Nomans, having no ranged weapons, have to slowly advance, their huge shields deflecting most of the hurled rocks. But with every move they get closer, and closer. If they ever get within charge, range, I wouldn't like to be a Boche Halfling, particularly a Boche Halfling with a sore head after drinking too much.
The Eight Boche Yoofs (ignore Dave - every else did) and the two Towie Strumpets are situated on the slight rise, a small hillock. Only Casandra is armed, she has a small hunting knife situated in her designer clutch bag, her dear old mum had taught her well – "If anyone of those raving loonies ever tries to interfere with your 'onour, let them feel this little prick.”
The Noman legionares are dressed in full segmented armour have shields and short swords, but no pilums.
Victory Objectives
If the Boche can knock out either of the Legionares (nobody dies in this scenario) then it is a moral victory for the Halflings.
However, if the Legionares should get their hands on Rodknee – well let’s just say that he won’t be looking for another date with Cassandra for some time.
Towie Strumpets can look forward to some ‘rumpy-pumpy’ if the Halflings should achieve a victory, no such luck if the Legionares should win as the Boche will reject all chivalry and run like hell until they get back to their own camp.
Authors Note
The scenario developed from a simple solo adventure in which I wanted to test the Pax-Bochemannica ranged weapons mechanics, can Boche yoofs actually win against heavily armoured Legionares by just hurling abuse and the odd stone?
Historical references state that Archers and Slingers are rare in a Romano-Germanic, Barbarian army, however the throwing of stones by Youths is common. These same youths will break off from combat if engaged in hand-to-hand combat.
Have fun.
Webmaster's Notes
An Orcs in the Webbe Original! "Sticks and Stones" was originally written for Orcs in the Webbe and was first published on the 4th December 2013 as part of it's 2013 Advent Calendar. For full details of more Boche adventures go to this link.
Pax Bochemannica (or Pax Boche as it's affectionately known) is a 'heroic' scale set of miniature skirmish rules pitching Orcs of the Noman Empire (as the name suggests, based on the Roman Empire) against the Halfling Boche (based on the varied tribes of Britain around the time of Boudica). Pax Boche was released after rigorous playtesting early in 2013 but sadly was withdrawn from sale soon after release, now it's back with whispered reports of additional content and some fantastic new sculpts. See this link for more up-to-date information.

Tuesday 9 June 2015

Boche Halflings - group three/3

Working on small groups of figures means that the work progresses quickly and does not become repetitive. These three Pax Bochemannica Halflings have had the bases painted, been varnished (both Gloss and Matt) and had the bases decorated with static grass and ground foam.

Image Two - The finished group - three more Halflings from the original boxed set, two archers and Trigger (with his award winning broom) see this video for details.

I'm finding that the themed month is working for me, allowing me the time to eventually paint up my Boche that have (up to now) been languishing in the polystyrene box in the attic. I hope that it is proving of interest.

I am also sculpting a couple of additional pieces of terrain. These look like they will be featured in magazine articles rather than on the Blog, keep popping back for more information.