Tuesday 30 March 2010

Airship Battle

Earlier this week, I came across this animated Airship Battle sequence and thought it was worth sharing. For details and to see it in full go to;

The animation was produced by Tristikov and was originally found on Deviant Art.


Also available on youtube;

Monday 29 March 2010

Martian Skiff in 28mm

A recent thread on The Miniatures Page was asking about the availability of suitable Martian Cloudships. See;

The subsequent replies, featured a Martian Skiff 'Master' that I produced some time ago and will soon be available to purchase from Recreational Conflict. See;

The skiff was built as a five piece model to be reproduced in resin and suitable for 28mm miniatures.

It was great fun to produce, mainly because I had been given such a very well written and drawn brief. I look forward to other such projects.


I have recently finished a modelling and painting article featuring a 1/300th scale Aeronef (see Space 1889/Aeronef label for other examples). However I was wondering about the demand for 15mm Airships/Aeronef, mainly based on, but not slavish copies of the Space 1889 craft, again see the Space 1889/Aeronef label for details of what I am talking about.

I could easily produce 6 to 10 models of such ships, ranging in size from 12cms - 30cms long, but am uncertain of the commercial demand.

Any comments?

Sunday 28 March 2010

Flintloque Building Set now available from Grand Manner

Regular followers will know that work on the Flintloque Building Set was completed in February. I can now confirm that the set is not only available from Grand Manner, but the models are featured in the latest GM advert which appears in issue 270 of Wargames Illustrated. (Just released). The reason for the delay in me commenting on this until now, is that Dave at GM had informed me some months ago that he was to run a Salute 2010 offer - All orders placed in April 2010 and to UK addresses will be Post Free!

Full details are;
28/40mm Spanish Napoleonic town buildings - LS43, 44, 45. I would suggest that anyone looking to purchase this model/set orders in April and saves themselves the postage.

This building set is also suitable for 28mm and 40mm Napoleonic games, (in fact it think it maybe the first commercially available 40mm Napoleonic building!) I can also see the same set being used for Carlist Wars, and Pirate games as I have tried to make it as generic as possible.

I will post photos of a painted example as soon as I have one completed. If anyone wishes to order the details are;
Grand Manner, Unit B, Smiths Way, Saxon Business Park, Stoke Prior, Bromsgrove B60 4AD. Telephone 01527 - 578766/558071 and e-mail; www.grandmanner.co.uk

In addition to the Flintloque Building Set/Spanish Napoleonic town buildings featured in the advert. I can confirm that both Hartwell Tavern (AMC80/81) and the European Windmill (ME34) were also modelled by me. In fact a fourth model, the 40mm Generic Log Cabin (AMC84) is also one of my sculpts.

I am also aware that a number of new Grand Manner models are due for release in April, Dave has set himself the target of producing 150 new models this year. I can confirm that he is well on the way to realising this aim and I am proud to say that some are by me. More news to follow.


Friday 26 March 2010

Barking Irons from Alternative Armies

As promised, here is a review of the new magazine from Alternative Armies, which was launched earlier this month and features a terrain making article by me.

Barking Irons The Dapper Miniature Gaming Magazine, Number 01 2010

The magazine is an unusual format which AA call Quarto. The best description I can use is that it is similar in size and paper quality to an old style comic book (think Spiderman or Batman comics) being 21.5cms wide by 27.5cms tall. For all of this, the quality of the paper and illustrations is top notch and I feel the layout and size works well.

There are 32 pages, with the front and back sheets being colour and the remainder black and white. Being the first issue, I also feel that the group at AA have done a very good job in content and layout, with four separate sections. Features, Adventures, Game Articles and the Lead Shotte Column, which features questions and news.

The Features section has three special articles, Death in the Snow, a review of the latest Flintloque 3rd Edition rule set. I already have this rulebook and can thoroughly recommend it. The second article is called Tilting at Windmills and was written by me some time ago. It details the building and painting of a Spanish-style windmill in 28mm scale, there is also an article on the AA Flintloque booklet The Rarest Tin, A book that has already been reviewed on this Blog.

Section two, - Adventures has three scenario based stories, two for Flintloque and one for Firefight 2.0. The two Flintloque scenarios, one by B. Dyer and the second by G. Syme are very well written and illustrated. I can see the second one which features solo rules being one worth trying.

Section three - Game Articles has a mix of articles targeted at specific games, offering new information and hits as to how best to play the game. The one by M. White, Seven Principles of Flintloque is the only one I have read so far and the advice is well thought out and helpful.

Finally - Lead Shotte, which has questions and news from AA.

The whole magazine is very well illustrated with photographs and drawings and I wish all who are associated with the venture - the very best of luck. At just £3.00 per issue I would recommend it to all who follow Flintloque/Deadloque/Slaughterloo. I believe it will become a very useful resource, one that will work alongside The Yahoo Group The Notables. For more information, check out;

I look forward to issue two.


Monday 22 March 2010

Flintloque Dwarf Uhlans - part eight

Again - more of an update rather than a fully blown post! You can see how the flag has developed and as stated earlier the design is inspired by a Prussian flag I saw on Google. The wording is; ACH MEIN GOTT XIII. No reason why - I just made it up on the spot but I do think the Plum Red stands out from the otherwise drab greys and black.

Photo One - Two Dwarves, the main detail painting is on the flag, but you can also see how the stein on the second figure has been painted.

Photo Two - Shows the reverse of the flag, a workbench photo taken under artificial 'daylight' bulbs. I still have some work to do on the full group of eight Dwarves, but am pleased with the progress and I do so enjoy these On-Line builds!

Over the weekend I received my copy of Barking Irons, number 01. I am almost embarrassed to comment on it, with my four page spread - Tilting at Windmills, a step by step article on how I built a 28mm Flintloque Windmill takes up so much of the magazine, then there is a photo of my snowmen on page 22 and a link to these very blog pages on page 4! (There is also one further reference, but this will have to wait for now?)

I will try to write an (impartial) article/review over the next couple of days.


Sunday 21 March 2010

West Midlands Military Show 2010

Earlier this morning I made my annual visit up to Wolverhampton and the West Midlands Military Show, at the Alumwell Leisure Village. I thought I was running ahead of time, arriving at 10.15, but meeting up with others I realise that I was well late! Please note that the show did not officially open until 10.00am.

With a pocketful of birthday money I had a mixed show, picking up some secondhand miniatures, a couple of packs of scatter material, this selection of books and a whole load of secondhand magazines which I look forward to reading at my leisure. I still came back with more than half of my spending money intact.

The WMMS is one of my closest shows, about 30 miles out and 30 miles back. Arriving early did mean that I was able to park easily and with an entry cost of just £3.00 I was soon browsing the trade stands. The show hall follows the tried and tested plan of traders around the outside and demonstration games to the centre. Once again the show was well attended by both traders and games.

The bring and buy was very well supported and it was here that two of the three books featured above were purchased at bargain prices. The miniatures were two secondhand packs of Flintloque figures, one of Ogres and the other Dwarves. I also picked up a Ratman Piper I already have one, but had been looking out for another to base and paint as a display miniature - no doubt, an On-Line Build will follow.

The other purchases were bits and pieces, scalpel blades, basing material/scatter and a couple of D&D miniatures. Then when checking-out the display games I picked up what I thought were great bargains, a batch of old Military Modelling Magazines, and a couple of old Windsock (WW1) magazines.

I believe that the quality of display games was very mixed, It is always a 'bugbear' of mine that gamers still insist on placing Games Workshop plastic hills on green felt tablecloths with odd sections of walls and hedges, and expect member of the public to be impressed! One exception was the Shrewsbury Show (a Viking Raid in 28mm) and a very novel game of 'Catch that Pigeon' ( Dick Dastardly and Mutley in WW1 aircraft which was very well supported throughout the time I was at the show. Very well done).

I had packed my camera, and although I have taken a number of shots, I found that there was very little worth up-loading now that I am back at the computer, one exception is this scratch-built Sci-Fi truck (approx. 28mm), obviously based on a Hummer. I thought that this was worth including for inspiration and I hope that you agree.

I was back home for 2.00pm and a Sunday lunch of Lamb and mint sauce. The first show of the year now 'put to bed.' I suspect that I will be visiting more, but I plan for less than I did in 2009.


For more details see;

Saturday 20 March 2010

Flintloque Dwarf Uhlans - part seven

More of an update than a full Blog entry, with just four miniatures shown, - the four that have had the most done to them!

The most noticeable feature is that I have started painting the flag and once again the inspiration came from an Internet search, the design is based on, but not slavishly copied from a Prussian flag. The stein on figure 1 has been started (but not yet finished) and the bedroll and sack on figures 3 and 4 have been completed.

The flag has added much needed 'colour' to the small group and I now look forward to finishing the main painting and 'slapping on' the ground colour.

Part eight to follow soon.


Wednesday 17 March 2010

Aeronef's at Poundland

POUNDLAND (a UK based clearance store) are selling these windup toys for (you guested it) a pound. The Hydro Machines come in three varieties, a hovercraft, a submarine and this cute little floatplane. I intend using the two yellow floats as model Aeronefs, or more exactly Nef's/Dig's by adding a suspended control gondola below the balloon.

For inspiration check out the Hydrogen Balloon Ether Flier at Matteen Greenway's site;

Each float/balloon is 85mm long and 28mm wide. I am not expecting this project to be completed anytime soon, but wanted to give other VSF modellers a 'heads-up'.


Sunday 14 March 2010

Dampf's Modelling Page featured on Miniature Wargaming

We have had my son and daughter over for lunch (Mothering Sunday) and my son has (once again) been showing me how I should be monitoring and up-dating my Blog! While folowing some of his hints and tips, I came across a link to this blog on Miniature Wargaming, for Saturday, March 13, 2010. Making a Napoleonic Building Set, see;

The link features the Flintloque Building Set, see below. The completed set is still with Grand Manner, being molded and cast, but I am confident that I will have news very soon on a firm release date.

I am always amazed at how 'blogging' works, how links and followers spread the contents of this and other blogs across the Internet. I have been trying to come up with a comparison of how blogging spreads this news - the best I can think of is like raindrops falling into a lake and the ripples and further raindrops causing new reactions. Maybe Chinese whispers! - Quite amazing!

I was also surprised to see just how many times Dampf's Modelling Page is mentioned on the Internet, via other blogs or news pages.

To the best of my knowledge this is the first time I have been featured on Miniature Wargaming, thank you for including it and as usual, I hope that re-directed readers enjoy the blog.


Flintloque Dwarf Ulhans - part six

Since the last up-date, I've re-painted the beard on the figure with the eye-patch (see, second photo and second figure from the left). I have also painted all of the metallic colours on the blunderbusses and sword armed figure. I just need to finish the detail painting, stein, sack and blanket roll and I can get on to the bases.

For the guns and sword I used all GW metallics, Silver areas were Tinbitz base, Chainmail and Mithril Silver highlights. For the Gold areas, it was Dwarf Bronze with Shining Gold and Burnished Gold highlights. I have not yet washed these areas.

In this photo, the second figure from the left has had his beard re-painted since the last set of photos. I found the white beard too stark and have first painted the area Black, then used Vallejo Charred Brown and GW Black as a base, highlighting up through GW Snakebite Leather.

I enjoy producing On-Line builds, or in this case, On-Line paints, they force me to be tidier than I would normally be and I am sure I take more time over the painting than I would if I wasn't photographing each step! In addition I welcome the comments I get and usually take the advice.

I am currently searching the Net for images of Prussian/German flags. I want something with a little colour rather than a plain Black/White banner.


Friday 12 March 2010

Bronze Age Odin Workbench

The latest TMP (The Miniatures Page) Workbench article - Odin by Bronze Age Miniatures.

This 40mm workbench feature was completed and written by me earlier in 2009, but has been delayed as Bill at TMP updates the site. For more information check out;

The Odin miniature is one of the very best figures I have painted and I have no hesitation in recommending it. I hope you like the article.

The earlier Thor article can be found at;

Thursday 11 March 2010

Flintloque Dwarf Ulhans - part five

After a short delay, here are the latest on-line build images of my converted Dwarf Uhlans.

The beards are a mix of colours, mainly Games Workshop and Vallejo Game Color, highlighted with subsequent and lighter colours. The Uhlan helmet or Czapka is painted very dark grey with almost no highlighting, the metal work is gold, worked up from GW Dwarf Bronze, through GW Shinning Gold and highlighted with GW Burnished Gold. (I tend to highlight my 'metals' in the same way that I paint other colours, start with a dark base, sometimes over either dark grey for silver or dark brown for gold, a mid colour and a highlight). When finished I washed the gold areas with the new GW Sepia wash.

The cockade at the front is pure white over light grey and the plume is GW Gore Red with a highlight of GW Blood Red (just two layers for red).

I think the figure in the first image (far right) and with the white beard and eye patch is going to be re-painted, these photos show the white beard to be too white. I may paint it dark brown, we will have to see.

Earlier this week, I was having a tidy up and came across the Games Workshop book How to paint Citadel Miniatures. I was struck by how similar my painting style (particularly for Flintloque figures) is to the example painted by Dave Andrews, see page 88/89 Empire Spearman. Maybe I study painting styles too much (or I may be I'm a little anal) but I find it interesting to test out different painting styles in the hope that I will improve. Usually I just revert back to my well-practiced style as seen above.

With reference to the Uhlans, I am particularly pleased with how the converted Pickelhaube helmets have come out. The next update should be painting the blunderbuss guns and sword.


Wednesday 10 March 2010

Hartwell Tavern in 28mm

This week, Dave Bodley at Grand Manner has released a photo on his shop page of the 28mm model of Hartwell Tavern that I produced earlier this year, see;

The completed model is the largest 'master' I have so far produced being 360mm x 300mm x 150mm tall. The model includes, internal detail, lift out floors, lift-off roofs as well as stone and rail fencing.

I have been looking forward to releasing details of this model for some time, and now with Dave's comments and these photos on the GM site I am really looking forward to seeing a finished casting - a painted casting very soon. Full costs are not yet released, but I would expect it to be a limited edition model. I would therefore recommend that you place your orders as soon as possible.

This photo shows Hartwell Tavern (on Battle Road), the subject of this 28mm model.

When Dave released the AWI/ACW 40mm building there were a number of comments and requests for similar structures in 28mm, Hartwell Tavern was chosen as the first of these releases as Dave had been given detailed photos of the building by Paul of Redcoats at War, see;

In addition I have been helped in this and other AWI projects with comments from Brendan Morrissey.

Thank you, Paul for supplying them and I hope that the finished model meets with your approval. Thank you Brendan. There are plans for more 28mm AWI/ACW models to follow, please keep an eye on this Blog and the Grand Manner web pages.


Sunday 7 March 2010

Gloucestershire Earth Mysteries

This maybe one of the most eclectic magazines I have ever come across, Gloucestershire Earth Mysteries, issue 5 from 1987.

I picked it up from an Oxfam charity shop earlier this week and at just 79p, it's been a real revelation, let me explain.

"Earth Mysteries is a term used to describe a loosely connected area of research dealing with ancient wisdom and lost knowledge regarding the landscape, ancient sites and cosmological science." Don't worry - I'm not trying to convince you to become a Vegan, hug trees or start eating organic sprouts, this book offers loads of gaming ideas for anyone looking for original scenarios for D&D, Call of Cthulhu or Lord of the Rings. For example;

Landscape Geometry in Goucestershire - A Templar Legacy? Need I say anything more! As well as being very well written it offers ideas on how the placement of key geographical or man-made structures could have been influenced by man and placed in either actual pentagram patterns or modified patterns. GM's will find the idea of patterns on maps very intriguing.

A Botanical Mystery at the Omega Ring - A study of plants and their placement around an oval structure on Rodborough Common. Once again I would expect the placement of different types of plants, herbs and trees to be used as a clue to the alignment of the structure.

The Hyporeans - Possibly the best written and most researched article in this issue, the origins of the Aryan tribes, their distribution around Europe and how their culture has influenced modern European cultures as well as North American cultures. I could easily write a complete gaming background based on this four page study.

Neolithic Barrows in the Cotswolds (part two) - Another article full of gaming (and modelling) potential.

Investigating the Paranormal at Littledean Hall - If I have to write how this can be used in a CoC game - then my readers are not who I have imagined them to be! Bring your divining sticks for this one.

The Great Pavement - The study of the symbolism of the Orpheus mosaic of Woodchester.

Plus there are others - like the study of Ladywell spring with radioactive Geigertellers to check the radioactive nature of ancient sites!

I have checked the Internet for more stories - try Googling Gloucestershire Earth Mysteries. I came up with this little gem;

A real 'find' and one that I would recommend to any GM, particularly you BigLee. I am sure that you will find much to interest your gaming group in such a magazine. For more info., you could try;


Saturday 6 March 2010

A visit to Tewkesbury, Glos.

Earlier today I visited the small town of Tewkesbury in Gloucestershire. I had remembered to take the camera and took over 70 images of different timber-framed buildings. This recently renovated street front house has been build in traditional style and appealed to me. I have taken many more photos, but felt that the owners had successfully and sympathetically built a period house that fitted-in so well with the history of this old town.

The building is on the main street and opposite the John Moore Countryside Museum, Church Street. The sequence of photos move from the left, around the front , side and back of this beautiful house. I hope that you enjoy these photos.

July 10th and 11th, 2010 The Tewkesbury Medieval Festival will see the largest, free medieval festival in Europe, where thousands of re-enactors will travel from all around the country to re-create The 1471 Battle of Tewkesbury, for more details see;


Wednesday 3 March 2010

Barking Irons from Alternative Armies

Following my earlier post - detailing the launch of this new magazine from Alternative Armies. I have included a cover image of issue one, due for release on the March 15th with a cover price of £3.00

Barking Irons is planned as a monthly magazine detailing Flintloque/Slaughterloo and other games from Alternative Armies and 15mm.co.uk.

More details are available from;

With a more detailed review and launch information available from;

I am obviously bias, as the feature modelling article has been written by me, however I feel that with the lack of fantasy based published material, a new magazine deserves to be given a fair chance at success. I would hope that others feel the same way and will agree to support AA in this undertaking.

Once again, good luck to all involved.


Monday 1 March 2010

Foul Mouth Freddy Saves the ****ing Sheep

Craig at Orcs in the Webbe asked if I would write a new scenario for my hero Foul Mouth Freddy to feature in a set of themes scenarios, each linked to one of the UK Saints Days. Here is the result for St. David's Day 2010; Foul Mouth Freddy Saves the ****ing Sheep.

"In parts of Taffsea, hidden in deep lush valleys there are many legends of fair folk and evil doings. This is the story of how Foul Mouth Freddy found true love in this most unusual of places."

To read the full story and scenario, go to;

I had tremendous fun writing this short story and Craig has done a great job in editing my notes. The whole story should inspire Flintloque gamers to try this simple scenario. I hope that you like it.

Note; Boggies are Evil Taffsea Mine Goblins, and Thelma is a Glaistig, both creatures found in obscure Welsh Folk Tales.

The image above, shows Foul Mouth and Thelma, truly a match made in heaven! Freddy is a modified Flintloque Orc and Thelma is the she-Orc from one of the Flintloque half-box sets, I'm not sure she is still available! (You may have to 'badger' Gavin for it to be re-released.)

I have recently sent a 'master' model of Foul Mouth Freddy to Alternative Armies and Gavin has promised that he will be cast up soon, keep an eye on this Blog for details of the release. In addition, I would expect further adventures of this 'potty-mouthed' Albion Orc to follow soon.

Finally - Happy St. David's Day