Monday, 22 March 2010

Flintloque Dwarf Uhlans - part eight

Again - more of an update rather than a fully blown post! You can see how the flag has developed and as stated earlier the design is inspired by a Prussian flag I saw on Google. The wording is; ACH MEIN GOTT XIII. No reason why - I just made it up on the spot but I do think the Plum Red stands out from the otherwise drab greys and black.

Photo One - Two Dwarves, the main detail painting is on the flag, but you can also see how the stein on the second figure has been painted.

Photo Two - Shows the reverse of the flag, a workbench photo taken under artificial 'daylight' bulbs. I still have some work to do on the full group of eight Dwarves, but am pleased with the progress and I do so enjoy these On-Line builds!

Over the weekend I received my copy of Barking Irons, number 01. I am almost embarrassed to comment on it, with my four page spread - Tilting at Windmills, a step by step article on how I built a 28mm Flintloque Windmill takes up so much of the magazine, then there is a photo of my snowmen on page 22 and a link to these very blog pages on page 4! (There is also one further reference, but this will have to wait for now?)

I will try to write an (impartial) article/review over the next couple of days.



Rob Alderman said...

Hey Tony,

I recieved the issue, I am looking forward to making a mill of my own!
Well done getting published (3 times in 1 issue!).

Techincally, you are also under miniatures designers, with me, so 4...

The Dwarves are really coming together. The flag is great, suitably humourous but also good for the nod towards true Prussian flags. I agree, it does stand out from the otherwise drab colours of the Dwarves. This suits them perfectly.


Rob Alderman said...

Oh and as for BI articles. I get a funny feeling you've been whispering to your Muvva trying to get ideas for some interesting new miniatures.

Muvva said to try on some new outfits!


Tony said...

No Comment!

The Barking Editor said...


You two stop bickering.

You are both two of the finest and most talented lads I have the pleasure of knowing.

And you both know that Muvver only talkes to me 'Sharkey's' master.


Rob Alderman said...