Sunday, 14 March 2010

Flintloque Dwarf Ulhans - part six

Since the last up-date, I've re-painted the beard on the figure with the eye-patch (see, second photo and second figure from the left). I have also painted all of the metallic colours on the blunderbusses and sword armed figure. I just need to finish the detail painting, stein, sack and blanket roll and I can get on to the bases.

For the guns and sword I used all GW metallics, Silver areas were Tinbitz base, Chainmail and Mithril Silver highlights. For the Gold areas, it was Dwarf Bronze with Shining Gold and Burnished Gold highlights. I have not yet washed these areas.

In this photo, the second figure from the left has had his beard re-painted since the last set of photos. I found the white beard too stark and have first painted the area Black, then used Vallejo Charred Brown and GW Black as a base, highlighting up through GW Snakebite Leather.

I enjoy producing On-Line builds, or in this case, On-Line paints, they force me to be tidier than I would normally be and I am sure I take more time over the painting than I would if I wasn't photographing each step! In addition I welcome the comments I get and usually take the advice.

I am currently searching the Net for images of Prussian/German flags. I want something with a little colour rather than a plain Black/White banner.


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Rob Alderman said...

Hey Tony

They are looking great!
In one of the beards, there appears to be a little bit of yellow though.
Tinbitz as a silver base? How odd! Interesting though, and it certainly works.
These guys will fit straight into the next Flintloque Book from AA, it's going to be open for so many new and different (and in this case, home-brewed) Dwarf, Dog and Ogre (or a mixture of) units.
Personal taste would make the skin town a little lighter, my Orcs are usually that dark with dwarves lighter. But these are for your collection, not mine! :)
Your gold seems pretty much like mine as well though!

They're looking really really good and I am enjoying following your plog (paint-log).

Perhaps you could look at Bavarian flags? Or Baden, Wuttermberg, Westphalia?
I love the Bavarian ones... Can't wait to get my hands on some Beervarian Dwarves at some point.