Thursday 31 December 2015

Games we played this Christmas.....

It has become something of a Christmas tradition for Gary and Holly to bring different board games for us to play over Christmas and 2015 was no exception.

Prior to Christmas we played both Qwirkle and Catan. Qwirkle was new for both Sue and I and I have to say that I enjoyed it. Catan looks like it will become a favourite of Gary's.

One of the golden oldies - was Scattergories. We always have fun playing this with Nanna Flo who at 91 years young always has a good total - that is when she remembers what letter we are playing with.

We played Dixit again this year, it is a firm favourite with many, but maybe because I keep loosing, I'm not such a fan.

Again, a game we played last year - the difference is that this time Werewolves was Gary's own game rather than one lent to us by neighbours. It is a game that really needs 5, 6 or more players to make it work. We had 6 and the mechanics were very good - we played it more than once.

Another game from last year - Skull (Flo liked playing this) and another that was played many times over the Christmas break.

A new game for 2015 - Coup. We played it twice and the second time was better - I think there are subtle game mechanics that need to be learnt before we can say that we have mastered this one. I enjoyed it.

Sue bought Love Letters for Holly and although I didn't play it myself, the rest liked the game and commented on what fun it was. Sue also bought the Batman variation for Alex. I hope he enjoyed it.

Don't Say It was a Christmas gift to the whole family from Dave and Fee. We played it many times over the holidays and really enjoyed it. We preferred to use an egg timer as the electronic timer and buzzer was a little loud!

Finally (well at least for this Christmas) was Ticket to Ride. Sue and I bought this as a family game back in the Summer and it has already done-the-rounds with Holly and Gary both taking it home for games. This was the first time that I had played it and have to admit that it was without doubt my favourite of 2015 (closely followed by Qwirkle).

Another year nearly gone and many more games played. Let's hope that 2016 is just as good.

Happy New Year.


Monday 28 December 2015

Christmas 2015

Christmas has lasted a little longer than usual, what with Finley - our new Grandson taking up most of our time, but yesterday evening we finally got around to opening all the presents. As well as two bottles of Port (one a Vintage Port) and two bottles of Sherry, I had this fantastic haul of model-making material or source material.

The big A2 cutting board is to replace one that I spilt acetone on to - the cork squares will be used for basing and the books and magazines should keep me supplied with reading matter for some time.

Thank you to everyone for a great Christmas, and thanks to Finley for making it so special.


Wednesday 23 December 2015

Merry Christmas

With Christmas Day fast approaching, I wanted to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas. 

And for those who follow the Blog, this years Vintage Port has been decanted and started. This year a Smith Woodhouse Single Quinta Vintage Port - 1996 Madelena Vintage Port. A Port Company that was originally founded in 1789 by Christopher Smith - The Lord Major of London.


Tuesday 22 December 2015

Scale Model World 2015 - part five

In this final report from the IPMS Model Show - Scale Model World 2015, I have concentrated on the painted figure. Although there are many aircraft, tank and ship model on display, the painted figure is less well represented. I think there are other shows that cater for this part of the hobby. Never-the-less here are some images that I took at this years show.


Saturday 19 December 2015

Leprechauns part two - The Pot of Gold

Earlier this week, Craig Andrews of Orcs in the Webbe published a short article written by me detailing how I had converted some Flintloque Halflings into Bog Orc allied Leprechauns. The full article can be found here.

A comment on this very Blog from Francis Lee suggested that they needed a Pot of Gold as a baggage element. What a great idea!

I searched through my box of bits and came across a small white metal cooking pot which I glued on to a 2p coin. The base was built up with DAS modelling clay and I soon had the basis of the Leprechaun's mythical Pot of Gold.

The coins are slivers of plastic rod, glued in place with superglue and then 'drenched' with liquid poly glue.

The painting moved along quickly, a couple of coats of Gold, washed with the old Citadel Flesh Wash (the one with the Blue top) and the pot painted Black, highlighted with Grey and various Flesh colours.

There wasn't much in the way of detail painting, just some drybrushing and tidying up. I tried not to 'muddy' the Gold, keeping it bright and glowing.

After both varnishing with Ronseal Gloss Varnish and then Galleria Matt Varnish the base was further decorated with some static grass, glued in place with dilute uPVA glue.

Prior to this photo being taken, I had given the gold coins another coat of Gloss Varnish - it is after all Leprechaun Gold!

Thank Francis - your simple suggestion has turned out great.

Here you can see Lawless The traitorous Bog Orc Captain discussing ownership of said Pot of Gold with an unworried Leprechaun whom seems much more interested in his clay pipe.

Finally, Sargent O'Toole has a more forceful conversation with another of the Leprechauns.

The whole project took very little time to achieve, in fact waiting for the varnish to dry was the longest part of the project!

I hope you enjoy this little interlude.


Friday 18 December 2015

The JCB song from Nizlopi

Ten years ago this week - The JCB Song from Nizlopi - enjoy and congratulation on achieving a UK No.1

Full details can be found here or pop by and see it on You Tube.


Thursday 17 December 2015

Leprechauns - Orcs in the Webbe day 16

Day 16 of this years Advent Calendar from Orcs in the Webbe and another article written by me. This time 'how I converted and painted a group of Leprechauns using Flintloque Halflings (Alternative Armies 57001).'

The full article can be found here on the OITW Webb site.

The article was initially written some time ago and has sat on the to-publish list for ages. Craig has done a great job with this and the earlier OITW Advent articles and I would hope that all who read this post will support his 2015 Advent Calendar.

The final image shows Oswald alongside some Leprechauns to show the comparison in size.

Happy Advent.


Monday 14 December 2015

Panzerfauste Terrain - Advent day 13

Day 13 of this years Advent Calendar from Orcs in the Webbe is another article written by me. This time detailing how I got involved in sculpting some of the themed terrain pieces for the soon to be launched Panzerfauste Kickstarter project.

The article shows some of the masters for these resin models, The Mushroom House, The Gnome Bakery, The Snail Breeding Barn and The Snail House. Details of some of these models have already been posted on the Panzerfauste Kickstarter pages (and on this Blog) but the article also details how the ideas and initial sketches were turned into physical models.

For details of the Panzerfauste Kickstarter please go to this link. While for details of today's Advent please go to this link where you will be treated to some rough sketches and images of pre-production models.

I would hope that the short article would be of interest to those that are following the Panzerfauste Kickstarter as well as terrain modellers.


Friday 11 December 2015

I'm planning an away-day in Birmingham next Friday

It has become something of a Christmas tradition for me to have an Away-Day in Birmingham just before Christmas.

This year my plan is to meet up at Parabellum in the  Jewellery Quarter next Friday - Friday 18th December between 11.30 and 12.00. Link.

Mark usually supplies the tea and I'll bring the jam doughnuts and Mince Pies.

Maybe I'll see you there?


Wednesday 9 December 2015

Wargames Illustrated Paints

I picked up this magazine/guide from W H Smiths earlier this year after reading about it in the modelling press. The 74 page magazine is a series of compilations by Matt Parkes that I believe have already been included in Wargames Illustrated, however as I rarely buy WI, the articles and tutorials are new to me.

This review is a little late in coming, mainly because I have not read the magazine from cover to cover, instead I have jumped in to specific articles that have appealed to me, reading in short bursts (much like the original magazine articles would have been published). I believe that this is how the author would have intended the guide to be read.

The two images below have been taken from the Internet to show an example of the style and content of this guide. For full details please go to this link.

I would recommend the guide to newcomers or intermediate modellers/painters, but more experienced painters might find the techniques a little 'old-hat'. My own experience is that I have found the writing to be well put together and the individual tutorials to be very well illustrated with little to criticise. I suggest it would make a very good Christmas present to a wargamer of figure painter.

Regular readers of the magazine might find that a lot of the tutorials are repeated.

Full details can be found in the link included above, I should also add that there is no advertising.

Wargames Illustrated Paints - your complete guide to painting wargame miniatures
by Matt Parkes
Published by Wargames Illustrated
Cover price - £5.95 - $9.95
ISBN 5 017558530007


Tuesday 8 December 2015

The Strangest Adventure of Foul Mouth Freddy

Freddy's Back!

Day eight of this years OITW Advent Calendar - and the latest Foul Mouth Freddy short story.

"The Christmas decorations are now up, I've opened the bottle of Port and ate my first turkey dinner, but Christmas just wouldn't be the same without a Foul Mouth Freddy story....."

The Strangest Adventure of Foul Mouth Freddy can be found on the Orcs in the Webbe 2015 Advent Calendar - for full details see this link.

For anyone who is new to Olde Freddy - you can find his past adventures here.

I hope you ****ing enjoy this latest FMF adventure.


Monday 7 December 2015

Scale Model World 2015 - part four

Part Four and this time my favourite subject the 'What-if' and Sci-Fi models. Enjoy.

The first three images show a huge and I mean HUGE model that I photographed in the competition room - the gun is nearly a metre long!

These two images show more 'what-if' models this time Weird WW2 Russian armour.