Thursday 31 October 2019

Uncle Midnight's Pumpkin House on Orcs in the Webbe

It has become something of a tradition for me to produce either a short story or a scenario for All Hallow's Eve over on Orcs in the Webbe and in 2019 I have produced this model of a Pumpkin House, in particular Uncle Midnight's Pumpkin House; for full details see this link.

Orcs in the Webbe is run by that rather clever bloke Craig Andrews and is well worth checking out (it is especially good around Christmas when the Advent Calendar is produced). You can see earlier Halloween Specials by clicking on this link.

Happy All Hallow's Eve.....


Tuesday 29 October 2019

More models for sale on Ebay


I have reluctantly added these three models for auction on Ebay. For details see this link.

The first is the Romano-British Shrine which was based on the Godmanchester Shrine and featured in Wargames, Soldier & Strategy issue 89.

The second is a scratch-built granary that was featured in the Pen & Sword book Wargames, Terrain & Buildings - The Napoleonic Wars.


Finally, a much modified Sarissa Precision MDF model of La Belle Alliance which also features in Wargames, Terrain & Buildings - The Napoleonic Wars.


For details see this link.


Monday 28 October 2019

Fantasy Figures International - a new modelling magazine

Earlier today I picked up the first edition of this new model making magazine called Fantasy Figures International from my local W H Smiths. The magazine from Guideline Publications looks at first glance to be a very well put together and beautifully illustrated new addition (I have yet to read the whole magazine).

For full details and instructions on how to order your own copy see this link.

The magazine covers fantasy, Sci-Fi and historical figures in the typical full colour, glossy finish image-text-image-text format. Issue #1 has 84 pages crammed full of interesting subject matter and relevant manufacturers advertisements.

I have over the last couple on months come to question the worth and value of so many model making magazines on the newsagents shelves but in this magazine, I can see some merit. I have no hesitation in recommending it and look forward to seeing more.


Sunday 27 October 2019

28mm Walls from Dampfpanzerwagon Guide No. 1 - Building Wargame Terrain Book

As promised in my earlier post I have included more images of the scratch-built wall sections that were originally featured in the Dampfpanzerwagon Guide No. 1 - Building Wargame Terrain. The images show the four finished models that were built from plastic card and foam. They were painted with a variety of acrylic paint brands and mounted on to a textured plastic card base.

The four sections have now been sold and I am sorry to say that I was unable to find any work-in-progress shots, but should they came to light I will post them on the Blog.

The set of four walls comprised a damaged section with wooden gate, two corner sections and a damaged straight section.

In this image you can see all four pieces.

While in these last images show the wall sections on my gaming board with a 28mm Flintloque miniature alongside - shown for scale.

The damaged gate section is 350mm long x 50mm tall mounted on to a 3mm thick plastic card base 360mm x 75mm.


Monday 21 October 2019

For Sale on Ebay


The following scratch built terrain or scenery models are for sale on Ebay.

From top to bottom they are; A set of four damaged wall sections Ideal for 28mm Napoleonic Games, but also suitable for a number of other genres. It is my intention to post further details about these models at a later date. All four were originally built and painted for my first self-published book Dampfpanzerwagon Guide No. 1 Building Wargame Terrain (now out of print).

Then we have a Star Wars Mos Espa habitat, also built to 28mm scale and featured in Miniature Wargames issue 432 March 2019.


Finally we have a highly modified Farm Building as featured in Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy issue 83 March 2016.


Thank you.


Saturday 19 October 2019

Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition, Warwickshire Event Centre

On Friday afternoon I popped across to the Warwickshire Events Centre to see this model engineering show. Here are just some of the models that were on display. For full details see this link.


Thursday 17 October 2019

Gloucester Docks

These images were taken last month, when Sue and I visited Gloucester Docks and in particular The Maritime Museum.

Lots of model making inspiration.


Wednesday 16 October 2019

Kennel Lane, Broadway - Painting the roof

The grey slate roof has been painted. I have used a variety of different acrylic paints to get a mottled finish and then drybrushed and washed the roof before adding streaks and mould.

In addition I have painted the grey stone steps to the side in a pale grey colour with other details such as the down pipes and hand rail painted white.

The small manhole cover to the rear was modelled from some textured plastic card and painted dark grey with graphite pencil used to add a metallic sheen.

I will be looking to sell this model - if any reader is interested in purchasing it, please contact me via the Blog.


Tuesday 15 October 2019

Panzerfauste Terrain - The Gnomish Bakery

This latest Blog post shows a painted and varnished Gnomish Bakery - a model that was sculpted and modelled by me for the Fantasy/WW2 game Panzerfauste, for more details of the buildings I have produced for this game, see this link.

The model has been slightly modified and is the original resin casting (the master was destroyed in the initial mould making process), the production mould is slightly different, and cast in a smoother and more easily worked resin.

I filled-in the open oven to the side and spent time re-modelling the roof tiles which were also damaged on the initial casting (but repaired on the production mould and models).

I believe that they are still available to purchase and would suggest you contact Steve Blease via this Blog should you be interested in purchasing this or any of the other pieces of themed terrain or some of the superbly cast resin miniatures.


The Panzerfauste project has had one or two issues since Hysterial Games closed down, but I am also aware that Steve is doing all he can to fulfil the Kickstarter pledges and is sometimes seen selling models at various wargame shows.

The model bakery was painted in acrylic paints over an off-white basecoat and then varnished with Galleria Matt Varnish before being finished off with some dyed sawdust scatter material glued over PVA glue. The Flintloque miniature was painted at the same time and gives an idea of the size of this small piece of terrain.

The model Bakery is 80mm x 80mm x 110mm tall (to the top of the chimney), it is mounted onto an integrated base 100mm x 100mm.