Monday 30 June 2014

Stratford Armouries - part two

Part two of my short report on my recent visit to the Stratford Armouries. Most of these images were taken indoors, showing just some of the many, many exhibits. For details of part one go to this previous post.

Did I mention that the Armouries has a huge display of Model Soldiers from the British Model Solder Association.

I can't help thinking that The Stratford Armouries would be a great venue for a Wargame Tournament or Show, the upper floor is set out as a classroom friendly room, where there could be 6 - 10 gaming tables while the free parking and close proximity to Stratfod on Avon would make it easy to get to.

I know that in recent years there have been many who have organised such events, maybe I'll get around to it next year!


Friday 27 June 2014

Legion Irlandaise - part eight (finished)

The Legion Irlandaise, all EIGHT miniatures.

Half way through the painting I realised that I must have a standard bearer (as featured in the Lawless Cartoon/comic). I have used a Bog Orc from the Alternative Armies Connartists Rangers (54511) and converted his left arm with Green Stuff. The flag was painted on to sticky-back paper and added later.

Photo Two - The finished Standard Bearer.

Photos Three to Eleven - Show the work-in-progress.

I can now concentrate on my July On-Line Build, a group of 'Fink' Dwarves inspired by some of the recent comments over on The Notables Yahoo Group.


Tuesday 24 June 2014

Legion Irlandaise - part seven

My Magnificent Seven finished, well not quite (you will have to wait until the next and final post to see why!) The seven converted miniatures have been varnished, Gloss and then Matt before the bases were flocked with static grass.

The inspiration came from this comic strip while details of the On-Line Build can be found here;
Part OnePart TwoPart ThreePart FourPart FivePart Six.

I have enjoyed converting and painting this group, following The Lawless Comic Strip illustrations by Kev Hopgood. I hope you have enjoyed the build and were able to have a guess as to which regiment prior to me confirming The Legion Irlandaise.


Sunday 22 June 2014

Stratford Armouries Museum - my latest away-day

It is rare for me to have a weekend off. Therefore when I do have a precious Saturday or Sunday off, I have to be very particular as to how I spend it and share it with Sue. I have had a fine weekend not working, spending Saturday at Birmingham University for a presentation and Sunday at The Stratford Armouries Museum, Pathlow on the outskirts of Stratford on Avon.

The museum has a wide range of exhibits, well worth the £6.50 entry cost, and even better value if you can pick up a deal on Amazon!

The full details of the museum and exhibits can be found at this link. Here are a couple of images of the larger display pieces. I'll post with more images later in the month.

Unlike a number of rather stuffy museums, Sue and I have visited over the last couple of years, The Stratford Armouries Museum felt more like visiting the house of a passionate collector, a collector who wanted to share his passion with each and every visitor, there were rooms with lots of exhibitions behind glass, but for me it was the quiet areas, with tables strewn with books on Roman Armour, Modelling The M3 Sherman or The history of Arms and Armour available for you to browse and read at your own pace that made my day. This is a great day out and just to prove that it was not all about arms and armour, Sue enjoyed seeing the personal letters and watching the gliders take off from the airstrip at the bottom of the garden.

A great day, thank you Sue for booking it for me.