Friday 27 June 2014

Legion Irlandaise - part eight (finished)

The Legion Irlandaise, all EIGHT miniatures.

Half way through the painting I realised that I must have a standard bearer (as featured in the Lawless Cartoon/comic). I have used a Bog Orc from the Alternative Armies Connartists Rangers (54511) and converted his left arm with Green Stuff. The flag was painted on to sticky-back paper and added later.

Photo Two - The finished Standard Bearer.

Photos Three to Eleven - Show the work-in-progress.

I can now concentrate on my July On-Line Build, a group of 'Fink' Dwarves inspired by some of the recent comments over on The Notables Yahoo Group.



Phil said...

Really excellent, love this paint job!

M. C. Monkey-Dew said...

Splendid unit there! BGORA would be proud to have them. Up the Rebels! Up Mordred!

Anonymous said...

that's a really impressive bunch of B.O.s


Thanos said...

Nice lot of figures Tony. :)

Vinnie said...

great job nice figures and paint job