Sunday 30 November 2008

Make a Jetbike by November 30th

Finished - and just in time.

Here is my entry in to the Rattrap Productions competition to build a Jetbike by November 30th. It will come as no surprise that my Jetbike is inspired by Flash Gordon and built to the same 40mm scale that all of my Flash collection is.

Using a Testors Salt Flats Racer as the base, the main body was quickly put together. The miniature Flash is from Graven Images, a converted Nazi soldier.

I am happy with the finished model, but am not sure how I will use it in my own skirmish games.

In greater detail;
The design is based on the 'skimmer' used in the Queen - Flash Gordon film. I tried to model the hull as the film version, but found the many angles too difficult to reproduce. I already had a Salt Flats Racer model from the American producer Testors and thought that this would make a great base for a more curved skimmer.

The body of the racer was first glued to a base, then a section from the centre removed and the two hull pieces glues back together. Similarly a section was then removed from the middle section and the two pieces glued together and a base added. The curved hull was then built up with scrap plastic and covered with two part epoxy and sanded smooth. This took some time and a lot of sanding/smoothing/filling/sanding etc. etc.

The control column was layers of plastic card glued together and sanded smooth. The wings are from the Airfix Robotwars boxed set and the small rockets on the wind roots are sanded bombs from my spares box. There is also a rocket body under the main sled, which also came from my spares box, additional detail are sections of plastic card/plastic rod and bits.

The figure is from Graven Images - much re-modelled and converted.

Painting was done with acrylics and washed with Games Workshop washes and watered down inks.

Thursday 27 November 2008

Flash Gordon Rocket Prints from Richard Grohs

I have recently purchased these two signed prints by Richards Grohs from Prisma-Art. The first is Z-4 or Dr. Zarkovs Rocketship and the second is Alien Rocket Fighter or Mings Rocketship. They were ordered via e-bay, see the link below. The quality is fantastic and I would have no issues with ordering from Prisma-Art again or recommending their products.

I have yet to frame them, but look forward to seeing them adorning the walls of my computer room.


Wednesday 26 November 2008

Flash Gordon - Alien figures

In my search for suitable 40mm miniatures to supplement my ever growing Flash Gordon collection I came across these figures from Mithril, Ireland;

The figures stand between 43mm and 63mm tall and are beautifully sculpted almost ethereal. I intend painting them as some type of benevolent alien race rather than Ents, but am at a loss as to what colour!

Grey would be an easy choice, as traditional Grey's, but I was hoping for some more colourful suggestions and some inspiration. Any ideas?

Links would help.


UPDATE - This poor quality snap show three of the figures based on 40mm round bases. The main ground-work is DAS with small pieces of cork and fine sand.

Monday 24 November 2008

Flash Gordon - The Crashed Rocketship board

Here is a teaser, just one photo of the Crashed Rocketship gaming board that I finished some time ago. I am still hoping that a complete article, including background, building and painting will appear in print or on the web, but it is taking some time.

For now, here is the completed board in all its glory. Just click on the image to enlarge it.


Saturday 22 November 2008

Flash Gordon - Komok

A real beast of a miniature - a Komok, known to the cavemen as "the eater of men." The base miniature is a Purple Worm from the D&D collectable miniatures game, re-based and modelled before being painted with various acrylic paints.

The rock base needed some modelling with Milliput and fine sand. The body of the worm, also had considerable re-modelling to hide some of the very prominent mould lines and various joints.

I used Milliput, DAS and filler, before sanding them smooth and coating the miniature and base with dilute PVA glue prior to painting over a grey basecoat. Once the main colours were laid down I again used Games Workshop Washes - Black and Brown to add surface detail to the sculpt.

The final two photos, show work-in-progress shots which highlight some of the detailing prior to painting and having the base colours added.

The miniature is based on a 80mm round resin base from and stands 120mm tall. I painted the model grey and brown as I did not want the miniature to be recognisable as a Purple Worm. The grey rock area is OK, but I am not sure this is my best painting of grey rock or stone. Once again the D&D miniature range offers great value for money.


Flash Gordon - Grom

Another Superfigs miniature, this time Warlord Grom, (Alien 12), a huge alien monster dressed in retro equipment, see;

The miniature was picked up from the bargain basket at Waylands Forge, Birmingham and based on a 50mm round base. The miniature stands 60mm tall and was painted red as I already had a dark brown and white 'hairy monster'. The miniature is modified, having the axe cut from the right hand, the right hand and right knee re-modelled with 'green stuff' prior to being painted with acrylic paints over a black basecoat.


Wednesday 19 November 2008

Joccian Rats patrol a Catalutian street

Yet another staged photo - this time a group of Rats, are patrolling a Spanish town, between the run down housing and walled grave yard. You may know this particular scenario?

Most of the troops are obvious, however please note that there is an Orc officer in the foreground. The buildings and wall are scratch built, the road is simple sandpaper, the piece of fence is built from toffee apple sticks and all of the grave stones are scratch built (the first time they have all appeared on film).


Tuesday 18 November 2008

A Most Vital Matter

The specialist Flintloque resource Orcs in the webbe has a competition called Visions - a photographic competition to illustrate a Flintloque scenario, any Flintloque scenario. See the link below;

I have composed a number of shots to illustrate the first scenario - A most vital matter, where a group of seamstresses are left to fall behind the main Orc column and are now about to be attacked by a group of Spanish guerrillas.

The three female Orcs are from one of the Flintloque boxed sets, while the Ogre is a slightly modified miniature from the Ogre blister pack. The Sutress wagon is scratch build and uses the canvas hood from a toy pencil sharpener. The horse is a modified cake decoration.


The photograph is taken with indoor lighting on my generic green flock wargame table.

Dwarf Bullion Wagon

The following three photos show a scratch build model of a Dwarf Bullion Wagon, an armoured wagon used to transport, Gold, Silver, Gems and Dwarf Bread! Inspiration came from an old Fantasy Chronicles Magazine, which had a description of a similar wagon.

The wagon was built from plastic card over a cardboard shell, with banding from more plastic card and rivets, sliced from plastic rod. The chassis was thicker cardboard, again covered in plastic card. Detail on the main body is more plastic card and rod.

The wheels are sections cut from a wooden dowel and detailed with cardboard and plastic, while the axles are balsawood.

The driver is a Dwarf trooper from one of the mounted Flintloque sets with a new shako and the draft hogs are also from a Flintloque boxed set. The reins are strips of paper.

Painting was various acrylic paints over black and dark brown. I was trying to achieve a well worn metal finish.

Update; I have added a sketch of the Money Wagon that I produced prior to building it - I have dozens of similar sketches that I regularly use for model making inspiration, this one should help anyone who wants to build a Bullion Wagon to get started.

Zombies in Tanks

In addition to my earlier Dwarves in Tanks articles, I have also modelled these steam powered Penny-Farthings for the Czar's Zombie troops. Sort of Steam Powered Undead Daleks or SPUD's!

Built from plastic card over a cardboard shell and detailed with bits from my spares box the models are painted with acrylic paints over a dark brown base coat. The Zombie figures are from the Undead artillery gun set.


Sunday 16 November 2008

Aeronef - French Airship Gloire

I have finally finished my first and only French Aeronef - the cruiser Gloire. Built some time ago to compliment the Luther Arkwright Aeronef fleets, The Gloire is one of the best armed Aeronefs in the collection and will be used as an accompaniment to the Italian and Papal Fleets. See earlier posts.

The third photo, prior to painting shows the construction. A pair of biro pens, glued end-to-end, plastic card superstructure and tail, knitting needle turrets and detail from my 'spares box'. Painting was done with various acrylic paints and a Games Workshop wash, with detail picked out by brush. The flag (hidden in both photos) and tail was hand painted and the 'Grim Reaper' transfer was from a French WW1 airplane transfer sheet.

I am thinking of selling the whole Luther Arkwight collection of models and will be making a decision soon. The Space 1889/Aeronef models built to 1/300th scale have become my main Aeronef modelling interest and the 1/600th scale Luther Arkwight scratch-builds are just hidden away in drawers collecting dust!

May 2013 update. Over the last year this particular post has seen a huge amount of views and I would be interested in knowing who and why the traffic has increased. I am looking to produce more Scratch-built Aeronef's and any comments about what readers would like to see would be greatly appreciated. For more information keep an eye on my latest Blog entries - I would expect at least one new Aeronef before the end of the year.


Foundry Elves

These three models are from the Foundry Empire of Elfs - Elfen Revenants which I painted and based some time ago. They are absolutely fabulous miniatures and a real joy to paint.

They are mounted on to 40mm Games Workshop bases which were modelled and painted in a different way - the groundwork was first built up with Milliput, then fine sand was added, but not to the edges of the base, but in a haphazard pattern. The sand was then painted very pale cream, before 'spring coloured' static grass was added. The side of the base and some of the top was painted black. I quite like the impact this has.


Thursday 13 November 2008

Aerofauna part three

Earlier today I was directed to yet another article on Aerofauna, this time over on the Blog - Victoria's boys in red, check it out;


Friday 7 November 2008

Aerofauna part two

At long last - the 'Flying Sperm' - actually called YELLOW BOW are finished. Each Aerofauna is approximately 90mm long and mounted on to a 40mm Games Workshop round base.

The main body is a foam egg used in flower arranging and the tail is a piece of straightened paper clip with the body/tail shape built up from two-part epoxy and sanded to shape before the fins were added from 'green stuff'.

Painting is acrylic paints over a filler and PVA glue base, to add bulk. The colour scheme is as the I SEE LEAD PEOPLE BLOG (details below).

A full description of this particular Aerofauna is taken from Aerofauna of Secundus part one, see;

The Yellow Bow. Filling a niche analogous to terrestrial dolphins or smaller whales, the Yellow Bow, named so for the yellow spot on the front of its body, is a relatively harmless creature. Sporting the common trailing tail tendril it utilizes a pectoral flange to propel itself at great speeds.Yellow Bows are not predators but instead strain off massive amounts of cloud-borne algae common in the upper reaches of the sky. When threatened or during mating season, they can become quite agitated and dangerous, attacking anything they perceive as a threat natural or man-made alike.In addition to its characteristic yellow front spot, the Yellow Bow is distinguished by its sky blue color with grey and white banding along their sides. Each of their three bands is marked by three bio-luminescent spots which it uses for communication.


PS. Thanks to Eli for all the inspiration.

Flash Gordon - Rock Monster

My latest addition - a giant of a model standing over 100mm tall, A Rock Monster. The miniature is an Earth Titan from the D&D Collectible Miniature Game (code; 33/60 B/W147) bought via e-bay for £4.99. Given how big this particular miniature is - this is a real bargain! To give some idea of just how big it is - the Graven Images, Mongo Trooper alongside is 36mm tall and mounted on a 40mm round base.

The model was re-based on to an 80mm resin base from Fenris Games and the groundwork built up with DAS modelling clay and cork pieces. Before painting I re-modelled a number of seams with 'green stuff' and undercoated the model and base with PVA glue. The static grass and ground foam were added after the model was varnished with water based matt acrylic varnish.

The model is 100mm tall and mounted on to a 80mm round base, see;


Wednesday 5 November 2008

A view of the future - 1950's style

The following three photos are taken from a Meccano Magazine showing 1950's views of the future. For me they offer fantastic inspiration for Retro Sci Fi modellers like myself and should be shared.

The third photo shows a Space Gun, for firing capsules of space tourists in to orbit. The huge crane is for loading the capsule/shell.


Monday 3 November 2008

Rick Random - Space Detective

Earlier today while visiting Waterstones the book store I saw this new book. Rick Random, Space Detective. 10 classic interplanetary adventures.

The book was on sale at £14.99, which although similar in price to other collections of comic books seamed a little to dear. A Google/Amazon search found the same book for less than £8.00. I have never come across this particular series of adventure stories before, so cannot comment. I would however say that the book has been added to my Christmas list! The Google search brought up this link, which I feel could be of use to other retro Sci Fi enthusiasts. Also check out Google images;


Saturday 1 November 2008

Tom Corbett - Danger in Space

My brother-in-law, picked up this second-hand hardback book from an Oxfam bookshop in Swansea, Tom Corbett Space Cadet - Danger in Deep Space by Gary Rockwell for 99p.

It is a first edition from 1953 and although showing signs of damage, torn dust jacket, water damage etc, the book is in good condition for its age.

I have only just started reading the book and am up to chapter four. So far the best description I can give is that it is a good yarn! The three illustrations featured below show some of the images of 'what the future will look like'. They may prove useful for Retro Sci-Fi modellers.

The book is in a series of five - from the Venture Library;
  1. Stand by for Mars! (another Tom Corbett Space Cadet Story)

  2. Danger in Deep Space

  3. Rip Foster rides the Grey Planet

  4. Tarzan and the Forbidden City

  5. Tarzan and the City of Gold


First weekend of November

Not a busy weekend, but a couple of projects are coming to fruition. The first is a Purple Worm (21/60, CG/CE 189) from the Dungeons & Dragons collectible miniatures game. The miniature stands a massive 110mm tall. I bought it for £4.99 (post free) from e-bay and mounted it on a 80mm resin base from Fenris Games, see; I still need to re-paint the figure and base before adding it to my Flash Gordon collection.

I picked up a selection of bases - 2 x 80mm round bases and 4 x 60mm round bases. I am very impressed with the quality of the mouldings and would heartily recommend the service. I will certainly be ordering more! The bases are cast in stone-grey resin and after a quick wash in warm water and washing-up liquid, the base of the casting was smoothed off with a couple of strokes over fine sandpaper, before the slightly modified Purple Worm was superglued on and the groundwork built up with a Milliput/Green Stuff mix. Here are examples of the 80mm and 60mm round bases.

The final photo shows my latest Aerofauna - a group of four 'sperm-like' floaters, built from a foam egg, a piece of paper-clip wire, fast-setting two-part filler and 'green stuff'. Each creature is 90m long. I still need to model the fins and add bases.

Finally I picked up 4 Games Workshop flying Tyranids, which I also bought from e-bay in the hope that they could be modified as additional Aerofauna. I am less confident that they can, but as usual I will keep the Blog updated.