Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Flash Gordon - Alien figures

In my search for suitable 40mm miniatures to supplement my ever growing Flash Gordon collection I came across these figures from Mithril, Ireland;

The figures stand between 43mm and 63mm tall and are beautifully sculpted almost ethereal. I intend painting them as some type of benevolent alien race rather than Ents, but am at a loss as to what colour!

Grey would be an easy choice, as traditional Grey's, but I was hoping for some more colourful suggestions and some inspiration. Any ideas?

Links would help.


UPDATE - This poor quality snap show three of the figures based on 40mm round bases. The main ground-work is DAS with small pieces of cork and fine sand.

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Eli Arndt said...

Though I have no links, you may want to try something mixing various pastels to give them onlost a crystaline or alabaster appearance. Perhaps they are a sort of living mineral people that grows and continues to do so?

Just a thought.