Tuesday 27 September 2011

Prince Vultan Leader of the Hawkmen - part one

Following on from earlier posts, here is the latest addition to my 40mm Flash Gordon collection - Prince Vultan, Leader of the Hawkmen.

In this post I have detailed the construction of this miniature, what figures were used and some of the background to this character model.

This is the third Vultan I have attempted to sculpt - the first two being consigned to the bin!  I have wanted a Vultan for some years and have been building up quite a collection of parts in preparation for this project. I have based the figure on the three most iconic Vultan images; Alex Raymond's comic strip, The original Buster Crabbe black and white cinema serial and Brian Blessed in the 'Queen soundtrack' Film from the 80's.

Starting from the bottom the figure is constructed from;
A 40mm Privateer Press round base (with some additional lead weights hidden beneath the lipped base).
A base of 1mm plastic card to raise the figure and give it some height.
The legs are from a Denizen Miniatures Giant figure bought off e-bay.
The chest and arms are from the 40mm Spartan Miniatures Hoplite blister pack.
The mace is a round topped dress-makers pin running through re-modelled hands.
The head is a Rasputin head from Graven Images (part of the Hellboy limited edition set).
While the wings are from a 28mm Harbinger figure given away free with subscriptions to Harbinger Magazine (now out-of-production).
Plus loads of Milliput and Green Stuff.

Photo One - The completed Prince Vultan - Leader of the Hawkmen awaiting paint.

Photos Two and Three - initial construction work.

Photos Four, Five and Six - Based and detailed. Awaiting the modified wings.

Photos Seven, Eight and Nine - More images of the finished model.

Photo Ten - Another image of the finished model which stands 42mm tall (base of feet to top of helmet) and 78mm wide (across the tips of the wings).  I have purposely mounted the model towards the front of the round base to offset the weight of the metal wings.

For larger images please click on the photos.

The modelling and sculpting has taken a full week of evenings with most of this time being spent waiting for the Green stuff to fully harden.  I have no plans for painting this miniature straight away, but promise to keep the Blog updates with developments.

"Ah well, who wants to live forever? Dive."


Sunday 25 September 2011

Flash Gordon Frigia Officer

Over the last year my 40mm Flash Gordon project has been moved to 'the back burner' with other modelling commissions and work taking priority.  The impetus of finishing both The Dracci and The Crystalline Entity has changed this.

For newcomers and some who might have thought that I had shelved this project I thought that I would give some background;

Many years ago I saw a couple of painted figures showing Flash Gordon and Ming at a local Wargame Show. I think it was Alumwell and the figures were on the Foundry stand (displayed in a glass cabinet).  I was smitten and bought the two miniatures there and then. Back home I based and painted them in the same colours as the Alex Raymond comic strip.  I later found out that they were Graven Images/Cliffhanger figures sold by Monolith Designs and modelled by Jim Bowen.  I ordered some of the characters and troopers in the hope that I could build up a collection of Flash Gordon themed gaming miniatures.

Further orders followed. However, It soon became apparent that the range was not going to be extended and in frustration I started looking around for suitable 'stand-in' miniatures to use alongside the initial releases. Now, many years on I have a large collection of miniatures from dozens of manufacturers and some themed gaming boards (see earlier Flash Gordon Labels).

The whole project has 'grown' and with loads of support from fellow enthusiasts I regularly received e-mails and comments about possible miniatures that might work alongside the original 40mm Cliffhanger releases.

As a natural progression, I started to convert plastic, resin and metal figures to increase my (unique) collection, for example the Hawkmen, Prince Balin and Dale Arden figures.  This Frigia Officer is a conversion of one of the Mongo Officers. Using a horse tail crest from one of my Spartan Games Hoplites and some Green Stuff.

It has always been my intention that I would roleplay with these figures and have a number of different rulebooks and reference material. So far there have been very few games, but the collection continues to grow.

Photo Two - Shows the bare metal miniature based on a 40mm round base from Privateer Press, with the new crest and both Milliput and Green Stuff sculpting.  I have always found Jim's sculpting easy to copy and although I would only describe myself as a proficient 'prodder of Green Stuff', I am never-the-less very proud of my attempts.

Photo Three - The same miniature undercoated with Matt Black spray paint.

Photo Four - As usual, I have started with the flesh areas and built up the colour from Games Workshop Snakebite Leather.

Photo Five - The Bronze areas are layered over a Charred Brown base and highlighted with pure Gold acrylic paint.

Photo Six - I wanted a different uniform colour from my earlier troopers and choose Blue, Enchanted Blue over Midnight Blue. Now that the figure is finished and varnished I think that I might have preferred a red uniform instead. Throughout all of these photos, I have touched-up the black areas before moving on to the next stage.

Photo Seven - More detail painting.  I choose the red rest to add some much needed colour to the miniature.

Photo Eight - The finished, varnished and flocked Frigia Officer.

I have long harboured plans for a couple of Molemen, an Octopus-headed Humanoid and of course a Brian Blessed Vultan. All of which WILL be detailed here on this Blog should they ever materialise.

Comments as always are very welcome.


Thursday 22 September 2011

The Emperor's Old Clothes - a short story

Barking Irons Online have published yet another of my Flintloque short stories, this one called The Emperor's Old Clothes. The story follows the 'framed' or 'linked' story style where the first paragraph of all Tales from the White Liar have the same opening. For full details go to this link

I really enjoy writing these short themed stories and hope that others like them as much. I would be interested in reading comments, suggestions or criticism as I hope to write more in the future.


Sunday 18 September 2011

Dracci for Flash Gordon

I have commented in earlier posts about my intention to clear some of my large lead mountain.  This post shows the latest additions to my 40mm Flash Gordon collection - a group of three Dracci or huge Lizardmen/Dragonmen.

Photo One - The group of three Dracci.  The miniatures are from Alternative Armies Dracci Lords (95541) and are huge miniatures standing over 55mm tall. For more details see this link

Photos Two, Three and Four - Detail images of all three Dracci.  Each figure in mounted on to a 40mm round base with the groundwork built up from portions of broken cork and Milliput.

The Dracci miniatures are quite fantastic sculpts, full of character and beautifully detailed.  The only issue I had was the Dracci with the spear had a miscast tail and needed a little bit of Green Stuff to repair the lost texture.

All three have sat on my 'too-do' shelf for at least a year (maybe longer).  It is great to see them eventually painted and varnished.

Photo Five - A simple image showing a 40mm Graven Images/Cliffhanger Mongo Trooper also mounted on a 40mm round base next to the tallest Dracci Lord to give an idea of how tall this model is. Each Dracci would 'tower over' any 28mm/30mm figure.

Photos Six and Seven - The 40mm Flash Gordon collection started many years ago with just two models - Flash and Ming, since then it has grown to over 100 miniatures with figures from loads of different manufacturers most mounted on to 40mm/50mm round bases.  These two images give some idea of the total collection, currently housed in a simple white drawer. For larger images, just click on the photos.

I am sure that I will add to the collection over the next months, but for now it is pleasing to be able to show the whole group.


I am ashamed to say that these Dracci models have stood primed and un-loved for over two years, see this post from May 2009.

Saturday 17 September 2011

Working with Magnets

I recently met up with some lads who were attempting to add small Neodymium magnets to some resin models. I gave them the best advice I could but also posted a couple of enquiries over on The Miniatures Page (TMP) and Lead Adventure (LAF).

My enquiries were rewarded with a couple of great tutorials and information sites. I have copied the links in the hope that they will be of use to anyone trying to 'magnetize' their models. Have fun 'playing with your magnets.'

Flames of War

Privateer Press

Tau Devilfish

Tau two

Tau three

Leman Russ

Forgeworld Titan

You Tube tutorial

Please feel free to add any similar sites in the comments section.


Friday 16 September 2011

A Quartet of Deadloque Characters - part four

Number four in my small themed collection of Deadloque miniatures.  This one is a Grenadier Miniatures Ghost (M18) bought off e-bay and modified for Flintloque/Deadloque gaming. The lower body has been extended (a paperclip and some Green Stuff) and a modified Czapka (hat) added from the lancer from the original Deadloque box set (5002).

Mounted on to a 2p coin with the groundwork built up with Milliput and sieved sand.

This photo shows the new and the old Ghost, both modified and as you can see painted in different colour schemes. I think I prefer the all grey version rather than the one with the black/red shako.

All four Deadloque Characters based, painted and varnished. One stock Deadloque, two modified Deadloque and one Grenadier Miniatures figure.  All-in-all I am pleased that I have been able to clear some of my lead mountain and hope that these step-by-step images have been of interest.


Thursday 15 September 2011

A Quartet of Deadloque Characters - part three

My third Deadloque Character is the famous (sorry infamous) KGB Officer from the original Deadloque boxed set (5002).  This figure has remained on my too-do list for some time as the model had some severe miss-casting running down either side of the lower body.  I filed most of the join down and filled the rest with Milliput. The Bicorne is from my Uncle Rogipoos VLE figure (VLE 10) with the width built up with Milliput and the cockade and feather enlarged with Milliput and Green Stuff. Additional detailing is Green Stuff.

The bicorne is 'pinned' to the head or skull with a short section of paperclip.

The following photos show the development which deviates from my usual painting style as I have painted the large brown coat first rather than the flesh (or lack of flesh) area.

This is quite a large model and the addition of the tall bicorne (with feather) makes him even taller. I have painted him in a different colour scheme than my original KGB miniature to give some variety. The flesh or bone areas are painted very white as I was looking to Terry Pratchett's DEATH for inspiration.


Wednesday 14 September 2011

A Quartet of Deadloque Characters - part two

The second in my quartet of Deadloque characters is a rather imperious looking ghoul.  I have used the body of one of the Ferach elves from the Lady Wintermore's Fang boxed set (5005) and the head of the Vampire from the Czarlingrad blister.  I have also added some Green Stuff detailing and mounted the miniature on to a 2p coin.

The following series of photos shows how the painting progressed.

I hope you like this little conversion, I do.


Tuesday 13 September 2011

A Quartet of Deadloque Characters

In an attempt to clear some of my crowded workbench/lead mountain I decided to paint up four Flintloque/Deadloque miniatures. I have started with this decaying officer from 55005 Latrinslav Command which has been sitting patiently in my to-do tray for quite some time.

This work-in-progress shot shows the figure undercoated in black and the flesh areas painted a diseased green.  The miniature is mounted on to a 2p coin with the groundwork built up with Milliput.

Over the next week I will write similar posts detailing all four of these Undead characters.

I am attempting to clear my Flintloque lead mountain and after reading a post/blog where the modeller was attempting to paint 365 figures in a year - I felt that I should at least try to get some painting done.

More to follow and soon.


Monday 12 September 2011

Nude Character for Typhon

The latest addition to my 40mm Typhon project is this character miniature from Graven Images. Part of the four figure Bronze Age blister that I originally picked up to supplement my Flash Gordon figures.

The model is mounted on to an old style 1d coin which was picked up on e-bay and painted and based to match in with my Typhon or Greek Mythology figures.  There is not much to say on this mini. I am just pleased that I have finally got around to painting him.

I really must get on with painting up my Spartan Miniatures Greek Heroes and Hoplites.


Sunday 11 September 2011

Small Spanish Hovel

It has been some time since I first started this small Spanish themed house or hovel.  The main construction is 5mm Foamboard with a DAS skin and plastic bead roof.

The model is small - just 70mm x 50mm but is mounted on to a larger oval of MDF which is further decorated with a white metal wall section from Alternative Armies, a resin barrel and a small resin sack.  The building was inspired by a similar model featured in Roy Porter's book Model Building Masterclass published by Windrow & Greene Publishing. (Pages 48 - 57).

Having laid unfinished for over two years it was good to see it finally completed. The painting is built-up over a white basecoat and much more 'pastel' than my usual offerings.  I hope you like the contrast.