Sunday 25 September 2011

Flash Gordon Frigia Officer

Over the last year my 40mm Flash Gordon project has been moved to 'the back burner' with other modelling commissions and work taking priority.  The impetus of finishing both The Dracci and The Crystalline Entity has changed this.

For newcomers and some who might have thought that I had shelved this project I thought that I would give some background;

Many years ago I saw a couple of painted figures showing Flash Gordon and Ming at a local Wargame Show. I think it was Alumwell and the figures were on the Foundry stand (displayed in a glass cabinet).  I was smitten and bought the two miniatures there and then. Back home I based and painted them in the same colours as the Alex Raymond comic strip.  I later found out that they were Graven Images/Cliffhanger figures sold by Monolith Designs and modelled by Jim Bowen.  I ordered some of the characters and troopers in the hope that I could build up a collection of Flash Gordon themed gaming miniatures.

Further orders followed. However, It soon became apparent that the range was not going to be extended and in frustration I started looking around for suitable 'stand-in' miniatures to use alongside the initial releases. Now, many years on I have a large collection of miniatures from dozens of manufacturers and some themed gaming boards (see earlier Flash Gordon Labels).

The whole project has 'grown' and with loads of support from fellow enthusiasts I regularly received e-mails and comments about possible miniatures that might work alongside the original 40mm Cliffhanger releases.

As a natural progression, I started to convert plastic, resin and metal figures to increase my (unique) collection, for example the Hawkmen, Prince Balin and Dale Arden figures.  This Frigia Officer is a conversion of one of the Mongo Officers. Using a horse tail crest from one of my Spartan Games Hoplites and some Green Stuff.

It has always been my intention that I would roleplay with these figures and have a number of different rulebooks and reference material. So far there have been very few games, but the collection continues to grow.

Photo Two - Shows the bare metal miniature based on a 40mm round base from Privateer Press, with the new crest and both Milliput and Green Stuff sculpting.  I have always found Jim's sculpting easy to copy and although I would only describe myself as a proficient 'prodder of Green Stuff', I am never-the-less very proud of my attempts.

Photo Three - The same miniature undercoated with Matt Black spray paint.

Photo Four - As usual, I have started with the flesh areas and built up the colour from Games Workshop Snakebite Leather.

Photo Five - The Bronze areas are layered over a Charred Brown base and highlighted with pure Gold acrylic paint.

Photo Six - I wanted a different uniform colour from my earlier troopers and choose Blue, Enchanted Blue over Midnight Blue. Now that the figure is finished and varnished I think that I might have preferred a red uniform instead. Throughout all of these photos, I have touched-up the black areas before moving on to the next stage.

Photo Seven - More detail painting.  I choose the red rest to add some much needed colour to the miniature.

Photo Eight - The finished, varnished and flocked Frigia Officer.

I have long harboured plans for a couple of Molemen, an Octopus-headed Humanoid and of course a Brian Blessed Vultan. All of which WILL be detailed here on this Blog should they ever materialise.

Comments as always are very welcome.



Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

great job on Flash

lrqan said...

Damn neat painting!

Jay said...

Good looking finish to a fun project figure.