Sunday 30 April 2017

Mushrooms from Hysterical Games

Following hot on the heels of yesterdays post, here are some resin mushrooms that I picked up from Rob at Hysterical Games earlier this week. The mushrooms were sculpted by me for use as decoration on the bases of Hysterical Games Panzerfauste miniatures and the Olde Hammer Apocalypse Miniatures Terrain Kickstarter.

Uses for resin mushrooms;
1 - Toadstool Decoration for wargame terrain - adding the small mushrooms to the bases of fantasy terrain or large individual miniatures and painting them as traditional red with white spots mushrooms would add colour to most fantasy terrain.

2 - Mushroom Mines - small batches of three or five mushrooms on a small plastic base could be used as minefields in Panzerfauste. Any model that was within 10 cms of the mushrooms when the mines go off could be effected by the explosion. Death, sleep of or vomiting could be the effect/effects.

3 - Fungi as Food - Use the resin mushrooms as objective markers in fantasy games, Goblins and Orcs would collect tokens which could be objectives in the game.

I cannot find the mushrooms on the Hysterical Games web site, so contacting Rob Alderman at Hysterical Games would be the best way forward should you want a set or two.....


Saturday 29 April 2017

Pig Sty for Apocalypse Miniatures Kickstarter

Sue and I were babysitting in Leamington Spa yesterday afternoon, looking after our grandson Finley. On the way over I stopped off at Hysterical Games to drop off the latest masters to Rob Alderman for the Olde Hammer - Apocalypse Miniatures Kickstarter and picked up this example of the Pig Sty casting that I sculpted some time ago - this is the very first resin cast of this model which will feature as part of the Kickstarter campaign due to be launched later this year.

I didn't stay long as Rob and Hannah were busy re-arranging some storage shelving for the tons of newly cast resin, hopefully I can visit later in the year and spend more time discussing the different projects Rob is working on.


Update 1

Here are some more details of the Kickstarter, posted on Lead Adventures Forum this week by Ryan and showing more painted examples.

Friday 28 April 2017

Models For Wargamers Reviewed in W, S & S issue 90

Issue 90 of Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy has a short review of Dampfpanzerwagon Guide No. 3 - Models For Wargamers, written by the magazine editor Guy Bowers and featured on page 80. Thank you Guy, I pleased that you liked the book.

Copies of Models For Wargamers can be purchased from me for £18.00 plus postage, for further details please see this link.

I also have copies of Dampfpanzerwagon Guide No. 2 - More Wargame Terrain. These last few books are available for just £15.00 plus postage and details can be found here.

Thank you.


Thursday 27 April 2017

April Update

I am very conscious that updated to the Blog in April have been very scarce. The Apocalypse Miniatures Kickstarter is still planned for launch later this year. I have just finished another two models which are going off to be cast early next week. for full details of this exciting Olde Skool, Old Hammer project go to this link. At this moment there are about a dozen separate models in the range.

Here is an image of the Stone Bridge.....

and this is the Apothecaries Shop.....

My main project for this year is producing models and text for the planned Pen & Sword terrain building book which I have been commissioned to write, The new book will have nine articles covering various scales and featuring buildings and structures from all across Europe. I will try to keep the Blog updated with details of both this book and the Kickstarter and promote their launches once I have further details.

Sales of Models for Wargamers is still going well and should you wish to order a copy please go to this link.


Friday 21 April 2017

The Cottages of Lilliput Lane

Another charity shop find - The Cottages of Lilliput Lane published by Portfolio Press in 1991 bought for just £2.00.

I have in previous posts commented on how I look to Lilliput Lane and David Winter Cottages for inspiration when building my own wargame terrain. This hard-back book lists and details each of the Lilliput Lane sculpts as well as giving details of how they are modelled and cast.

I can see me using these illustrations as more inspiration when modelling further buildings.


The Cottages of Lilliput Lane
Published by Portfolio Press, New York
Photographs by Walter Pfeiffer - Text by Deborah Scott
266 pages full colour
ISBN - 0 942620 14 3

Tuesday 18 April 2017

Armour Modelling by John Prigent

Sue and I had a day in Cheltenham and I picked up this second-hand copy of Armour Modelling by John Prigent, part of the Osprey Masterclass series for just £5.00. The book was in one of the many charity stores in Cheltenham and I thought it too good to miss out on.

It is a card covered ring bound reference book of 192 pages, full-colour illustrations with lots of step-by-step projects, just the sort of book I like.....

I look forward to reading it.


Armour Modelling by John Prigent
Published by Osprey Publishing in 2008
Cover price - £19.99
ISBN - 978 1 84176 974 5

Sunday 16 April 2017

Happy Easter

Happy Easter.


Tuesday 11 April 2017

Some charity shop finds

These three books were picked up from the Oxfam Book Store in Cirencester yesterday. The Look and Learn book is full of beautiful illustrations, many by one of my favourite artists; Angus McBride, while the two Roman booklets are illustrated by Ronald Embleton. All three were on the reduced tale and cost just 99p each.


Friday 7 April 2017

Models For Wargamers - the first review

Earlier today I was directed to this post over on Wargames and Railroads, a Blog written by Kris Marquardt a long-time supported of my 'how-to' articles and guides. The Blog post is a review (the first review as far as I am aware) of Dampfpanzerwagon Guide No. 3 - Models For Wargamers.

Should you like what you see - there are still copies of Dampfpanzerwagon Guide No. 2 - More Wargame Terrain and obviously copies of the latest publication Models For Wargamers available, for details of how to order your own copies, please go to this link.

It is fair to say that Kris's previous comments about Guide No. 1 and Guide No. 2 have helped to improve the presentation and content of Guide No. 3 as well as magazine articles that I have had published.

Thank you Kris. I am glad that you enjoyed the most recent book.