Sunday, 30 April 2017

Mushrooms from Hysterical Games

Following hot on the heels of yesterdays post, here are some resin mushrooms that I picked up from Rob at Hysterical Games earlier this week. The mushrooms were sculpted by me for use as decoration on the bases of Hysterical Games Panzerfauste miniatures and the Olde Hammer Apocalypse Miniatures Terrain Kickstarter.

Uses for resin mushrooms;
1 - Toadstool Decoration for wargame terrain - adding the small mushrooms to the bases of fantasy terrain or large individual miniatures and painting them as traditional red with white spots mushrooms would add colour to most fantasy terrain.

2 - Mushroom Mines - small batches of three or five mushrooms on a small plastic base could be used as minefields in Panzerfauste. Any model that was within 10 cms of the mushrooms when the mines go off could be effected by the explosion. Death, sleep of or vomiting could be the effect/effects.

3 - Fungi as Food - Use the resin mushrooms as objective markers in fantasy games, Goblins and Orcs would collect tokens which could be objectives in the game.

I cannot find the mushrooms on the Hysterical Games web site, so contacting Rob Alderman at Hysterical Games would be the best way forward should you want a set or two.....


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