Tuesday 29 November 2011

IPMS Scale Model World 2011 - a photo report, part three

Part three; Single Figures, Vignettes and Dioramas. I didn't realise at the time just how many photos I had taken.  I hope you enjoy them.


Monday 28 November 2011

Flash Gordon Molemen - part five

After years of planning and a couple of false starts I have finally finished a Moleman for my 40mm Flash Gordon collection. 

The miniature has been Gloss Varnished with Ronseal Varnish and once dry Matt Varnished with three coats of Galleria Acrylic Varnish.  Finally I have added some static grass to the 40mm round base. 

Full details of the background and conversion can be found in earlier posts, but for now I hope you enjoy these images of the completed miniature.

Photo Two - Shows the converted Moleman being directed by a Ming Officer from the Graven Images/Cliff Hanger range of 40mm figures.

Although the construction and painting has been fully covered in earlier posts, I thought it would be interesting to include these WIP shots. Starting with the early metal/plastic conversion and detailing the steps through to fully painted, varnished and flocked.

I suppose that I should start work on the remaining two Reaper miniatures and get around to building a group of three Molemen- but for now I am just pleased to see one finished.


Friday 25 November 2011

Grand Manner Buildings featured on The Lead Adventure Forum again!

A short post but well worth checking out. The Battle of Leipzig 1813 from Crisis, Antwerp earlier this year features some Grand Manner buildings, see;

I had 'Bloged' about this game in an earlier post, see;

But these images and Battle Report are so much better. True eye candy at its very, very best.

I am proud to say that all of the masters for the buildings featured were built by me for Grand Manner and can be found in the 28mm Medieval, 30 Years War and 28mm Napoleonic Europe sections.


Thursday 24 November 2011

Flash Gordon Molemen - part four

Earlier posts show how the Moleman conversion was accomplished while these images detail the step-by-step painting progress.

Photo One - After cleaning up some of the more noticeable seams and issues, I spray painted the whole miniature with 'rattle can' Matt Black which was bought from a discount store for just £1.00.  Any areas that I missed with the spray can were touched up with Chaos Black.

Photo Two - I tried to copy the colour scheme of the Wyrd Miniatures Molemen (featured earlier) and built up the flesh areas from Snakebite Leather, highlighting with Pale Flesh from Vallejo and Skull White from GW.

Photo Three - I think I have highlighted a little too much, a little too pale for my liking. I have therefore 'washed' the whole miniature with washes from GW. I have mixed up the Mud wash with the Sepia wash and even added some of the Purple wash to give this 'richer' skin colour. In addition I have washed the black areas with Black and Mud washes to try to get away from such a stark black base.

Photo Four - More highlighting and detail painting.

Photo Five - The base has been painted in my usual 40mm Flash Gordon style, a very dark earth colour which uses Scorched Brown from Vallejo with the stone areas built up with Chaos Black and Skull White and all given a couple of washes.  The base has been cleaned up with pure Chaos Black and the miniature is now ready for varnishing.


Sunday 20 November 2011

IPMS Scale Model World 2011 - a photo report, part two

Part two and this time WW1 and WW2 aircraft from the IPMS Scale Model World Show, Telford. I hope you enjoy these, more to follow.