Thursday 24 November 2011

Flash Gordon Molemen - part four

Earlier posts show how the Moleman conversion was accomplished while these images detail the step-by-step painting progress.

Photo One - After cleaning up some of the more noticeable seams and issues, I spray painted the whole miniature with 'rattle can' Matt Black which was bought from a discount store for just £1.00.  Any areas that I missed with the spray can were touched up with Chaos Black.

Photo Two - I tried to copy the colour scheme of the Wyrd Miniatures Molemen (featured earlier) and built up the flesh areas from Snakebite Leather, highlighting with Pale Flesh from Vallejo and Skull White from GW.

Photo Three - I think I have highlighted a little too much, a little too pale for my liking. I have therefore 'washed' the whole miniature with washes from GW. I have mixed up the Mud wash with the Sepia wash and even added some of the Purple wash to give this 'richer' skin colour. In addition I have washed the black areas with Black and Mud washes to try to get away from such a stark black base.

Photo Four - More highlighting and detail painting.

Photo Five - The base has been painted in my usual 40mm Flash Gordon style, a very dark earth colour which uses Scorched Brown from Vallejo with the stone areas built up with Chaos Black and Skull White and all given a couple of washes.  The base has been cleaned up with pure Chaos Black and the miniature is now ready for varnishing.



MadWelshWizard said...

Absolutely stunning work Tony ! I hope you do finish off the mole-men with another two as you originally suggested :)

PatG said...

Very nice - I like the progression especially. Photo 2 looked pretty grim but it all comes together by the end. Informative and inspiring

Wargame News and Terrain Blog said...

Excellent conversion and painting! I have followed your progress with great enthousiasm!

Tony said...

Hi Pat,

I know exactly what you mean. Even I was looking at the Moleman at this stage and thinking 'what have I done!'


Laughing Ferret said...

he looks great! A very fun mini.

Jay said...

Great job. Nice work from start to finish.