Monday 7 November 2011

Grand Manner Buildings at Crisis 2011 Antwerp

I have just seen this photo report of Crisis 2011, Antwerp by dhcwargamesblog see THIS LINK 

Featured in image one and two are the recently completed Prussian Church that was originally built by me for Grand Manner see THIS LINK

The display is put on by THS (Team fur Historische Simulationen) - Leipzig 1813.

While image three shows both the European Windmill, LINK  and some of the Town Collection Link both of which are cast from my initial models.

I should add that the images have been used without permission to show some of the models I have designed and built for GM.  It always gives me a thrill to see these models both painted and used in games.



Jay said...

The church is beautiful, and its presence on the battle field (and what a battlefield it is!)is very impressive.

Ray Rousell said...

Its a great looking church, must be good having a blast from the past!!