Monday 29 August 2011

A Crystaline Entity for Flash Gordon

August Bank Holiday and I thought I would post something different. Here is my latest 40mm Flash Gordon monster - A Crystaline Entity. It has been quite some time since I added to this project and when I saw this Ice Golem from Ral Partha on e-bay, I thought it would make a great Flash monster to add to my collection.

There isn't much to say about the model, the basing or the painting as it really is a simple sculpt to finish off. I mounted the 'slotta-base' figure onto a 40mm round base, building up the groundwork with pieces of broken cork and Green Stuff. The figure was basecoated white and washed with dilute blue ink (Warzone) before being dry-brushed with GW Skull White. In fact it took longer to paint the base than the figure!

I have left the model gloss varnished and only matt varnished the base prior to adding some static-grass. A very simple model to complete - just as I like it.

The figure is 40mm tall head-to-toe or 60mm top of claw-to-toe. The very small area of base of foot to groundwork makes this a very fragile model. I will have to be extra careful in handling this monster.

These two images show the monster alongside a couple of my 40mm Flash characters, an Emperor Ming Officer and the Rocketeer.

Recent posts on The Miniatures Page (TMP) have tempted me back into modelling and painting 40mm Flash Gordon models.


Friday 26 August 2011

An Ogre of Valon - part six

I have finished painting the groundwork and as previously noted I was trying for a desert or Southern Spain bare rock colour scheme which I have achieved by building up the colour over an Umber and Snakebite Leather base with GW Washes. The flask was painted in the traditional white glaze over terracotta scheme and still needs some touching-up.

I am unhappy with the trousers which I feel look too dark however this may be dulled down when I come to varnishing the miniature. It maybe the dark washes? I have used Chestnut Ink an old pot of ink from GW.

In this image you can see that I have added a cork for the flask. It is a small section of cocktail stick which has been superglued down and washed with Sepia - a small addition, but one that I feel adds to the base.

I am getting very close to finishing this model and painting the fine detail will be the next task.


Wednesday 24 August 2011

Grand Manner Buildings featured on LAF - part two

Fugazi on the Lead Adventure Forum (LAF) has just posted some more photos of the Napoleonic Battle of Bergbosen 1813, for full details go to this post - this image shows some of the work-in-progress models painted by Dave at Grand Manner

The Battle of Bergbosen features a whole array of painted models from GM, check out the links and enjoy this fantastic battle report.


Monday 22 August 2011

Grand Manner Buildings on Lead Adventure Forum

There are more fantastic images of painted Grand Manner buildings posted on the Lead Adventure Forum (LAF). The post was uploaded by Admiral Benbow and is available here Further photos are available here

This image was taken from the second LAF post by Fugazi.

The main church is the LE Church sculpted by Dave with the modified and new tower/spire. The other buildings were sculpted by me and are either the Medieval (ME) Buildings or the new Napoleonic Europe (NAP) Buildings. For further details go to this link

I hope you like them.


Thursday 18 August 2011

An Ogre of Valon - part five

Since the last post I have moved along quite a bit as you can see. The trousers/overalls have been painted brown and the white piping has been finished, I have also started work on the black strapping, equipment and knapsack.

I am happier with the flesh areas which I have both 'washed' and further highlighted.

In my next post I will detail how I painted the base, I am looking for a bleached and semi-desert colour scheme which I feel is in keeping with parts of Southern Spain/Portugal.

I recently saw this Marauder Ogre on e-bay, currently going for £20.00!


Tuesday 16 August 2011

My Daughter moves to Thailand

As I write this Holly is still in the air on her way to her new job as a teacher in Bangkok. Sue and I dropped her off at Heathrow yesterday evening. Holly is off on a two year contract to teach english and drama in Thailand.

I will miss her, actually miss the fact that even on her own she's a houseful! I won't miss all the lists and finding bobbings and hairpins everywhere.

Good luck and love from Mum and Dad XXX


Monday 15 August 2011

My Son Gary gets married

Saturday 13th August 2011, Gary and Beckie got married at Deer Park, near Pershore. Good luck, health and happiness to you both, love from Mum and Dad XXX

Beckie decided on a civil marriage at Deer Park and so I had no church to paint. I therefore sketched and painted this portrait of Gary and Beckie walking on Swansea bay beach with the Mumbles in the background.


Friday 12 August 2011

Diorama Clervaux - Inspiration

I recently came across this model - a 1/35th scale reproduction of the town of Clervaux by Claude Joachim, for full information go to this site or this blog

Sit back and read in awe how this masterpiece was built.


Thursday 11 August 2011

The Larrey Ambulance a 28mm Masterclass on Barking Irons Online

Barking Irons Online has another Modelling Masterclass; The Larrey Ambulance which was modelled and painted by me some time ago and was originally intended to be included in the 'paper based' Barking Irons magazine. Here are a couple of images which show the finished model, based and varnished ready for a game of Flintloque.

Full details of construction can be seen at BIO.

Although it is not obvious in these photos, there is a 28mm Ferach in the rear of the ambulance - the injured Ferach Elf on a stretcher from the Elf Field Hospital set (51503).

The model was produced some time ago and the article was written to be included in the 'paper based' Barking Irons magazine from Alternative Armies. Later when I was asked to produce these Masterclass tutorials I met up with Craig and was showing him some of my Flintloque inspired terrain. Craig was aware of the Larrey Ambulance article but it had been lost and so I had to search my records and photo files for this article and images.

Craig has reproduced it for the August Masterclass entry on Barking Irons Online. Check out the other Masterclass articles when you are visiting.


Wednesday 10 August 2011

Stone Barn an on-line build part five

Some time ago I started this On-Line build to show how this old model was re-painted. At long last it is finished, for more information see this post this post and this post

The model was built over twenty years ago (maybe even twenty five years) and is constructed from card that was originally used as advertising material/display material for Gonzalez Byass Sherry! The surface detail is DAS modelling clay and as you can see it has held-up well to the rigours of gaming and being stored in the attic.

The model is quite large (too large) at 300m long x 100mm wide and 120mm tall.

Here you see some close-ups of the stonework and surface detail. I feel that I have improved somewhat since these (very) early modelling tests, but am still proud of the technique and sculpting. For those who are interested the stones were first spread out on a glass cutting board and when cut to shape were added one-by-one to the building frame over a layer of uPVA glue. The roof tiles (stones) are individual DAS pieces which I think work well on some models but looks a little hap-hazard on this one.

The Stone Barn has given sterling service and has been re-based once and re-painted twice since first modelled. Of note is the fact that it was originally built with a open base (on a hollow card shell) but has now been mounted onto a 3mm thick plastic card base with the groundwork built up from DAS and Milliput.

The green growth climbing up the side of the building is made from small clumps of foam, superglued on to the walls and then covered in fine sand.

For anyone considering a similar modelling project I would recommend making it a little smaller with a 160mm x 100mm footprint being easier and more practical.

At this moment I am not sure what I will do with this model - nostalgia says keep it, but I am not sure that it fits in with my 'other' terrain pieces being a little too large and coarse. I have other 'early' DAS models stored in the attic which I may well remodel and re-paint at some time.

I hope that you like this example of my early modelling work.


Tuesday 9 August 2011

An Ogre of Valon - part four

A quick 'n' dirty update. First the red uniform. I have used Red Gore as a base and Blood Red as a highlight, once fully dry I washed the area with Baal Red wash from GW. (Note; I have only Basecoated and then one highlight - I find this works better with red, which can be highlighted too much and either look orange or worst still pink!)

Next we have the 'buff' cuffs and turnbacks. I started with a 50/50 mix of Snakebite Leather and Bad Moon Yellow then highlighted with Bad Moon Yellow and later an extreme yellow highlight of Craft Paint Gloss Yellow which looks a little strange at the moment - but should dull down once matt varnished.

There is still a lot to do, but I am enjoying this On-Line Build, something that has been on my 'too do' list for some time.


Sunday 7 August 2011

An Ogre of Valon - part three

The first three images show the basecoated miniature, a simple matt black spray can (bought for £1.00 at the local Poundland) and touched up with Chaos Black.

Photos Four, Five and Six - show the flesh areas painted. I used a base of Snakebite Leather, some Blood Red and Skull White. Once dry I washed the areas with Sepia, Mud, Black and Purple. The eyes are painted in with a toned-down Skull White and a fine brush.

During the initial painting I finished the head and hands and completely forgot about the bare feet!

The face on this Marauder Miniature is a real treat to paint - just full of character. I cannot wait to start on the uniform.


Friday 5 August 2011

An Ogre of Valon - part two

The sculpting and basing are now complete. On the base I have added sieved sand and a second plinth beneath the wooden wheel which was bought from a charity shop for a few pence. It needed some 'cleaning up' but now that it is fixed in place I am pleased with the result.

Photos One, Two and Three - Show the finished model.

Photos Four and Five - Close ups.

The model stands 44mm high (top of feather to base of feet).

In the next post I will try to get some paint down.