Tuesday 16 August 2011

My Daughter moves to Thailand

As I write this Holly is still in the air on her way to her new job as a teacher in Bangkok. Sue and I dropped her off at Heathrow yesterday evening. Holly is off on a two year contract to teach english and drama in Thailand.

I will miss her, actually miss the fact that even on her own she's a houseful! I won't miss all the lists and finding bobbings and hairpins everywhere.

Good luck and love from Mum and Dad XXX


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Tea in Thailand said...


Missing you too! Although I can't find many hair pins here, so maybe I left them all there?! I'm sure you'll find a use for them...space marine aerials? Bayonet? Water pump handle?! :P

Weather is warm, but not too hot. Food is nice, although haven't had too much Thai food - not been that hungry with the heat and jet lag. Looking forward to seeing Gary and Beckie tomorrow.

Going to pop out shopping this afternoon, so start thinking about sending me your orders for pens/pencils/notebooks.paintbrushes! :P

Love you lots! holxxxxxx