Monday 29 June 2020

Scalextric/Gaslands - part eighteen

The final image for this project, The Blymp on a piece of repainted Scalextric track. This series of updates was inspired by a couple of damaged slots cars which having been repaired were then modified in a Mad Max or Gaslands style. They have been great fun to model and paint, but I should now get back to painting figures and in July that is what my plan will be.

I will try to update the Blog with images of the cars running around the track, I have the video, but am not sure how to upload to the Blog.

Finally for this Scalextric/Gaslands themed month, I have included two additional images of the previously faetured Porsche 962's. First the ATF Interceptor and then the Blockade Runner.

Stay safe and

Keep Calm and Carry On Modelling


Scalextric/Gaslands - part seventeen

The third car, the Scraper's Buggy is now finished. I have given the whole model a matt varnish and used weathering powders to further 'age' the model before fitting the chassis. I present to you - The BLYMP.

Unlike the earlier Porsche conversions, this has really stretched my scratch-building skills, but I think I have had more fun with this model.

I hope that you have enjoyed my Scalextric/Gaslands month, seeing how I have taken some damaged slot cars and re-imagined them.

As always, stay safe and

Keep Calm and Carry On Modelling


Sunday 28 June 2020

Scalextric/Gaslands - part sixteen

Most of the detail painting was done with acrylic paints, including the sharks teeth while the decals came from a 1:72nd scale Sopwith Pup which were applied over a gloss coat of Klear floor polish.

Stay safe and

Keep Calm and Carry On Modelling


Saturday 27 June 2020

Scalextric/Gaslands - part fifteen

Looking a bit like a slim Thunderbird 2, the latest slot car has been painted green. I used my airbrush for the basic colour and highlighted with lighter green on some of the panels. The paints were a mix of acrylic colours watered down with distilled water and a touch of gloss varnish and then washed with a black/brown wash.

I'll try to get more updates later this weekend, but for now, stay safe and

Keep Calm and Carry On Modelling


Friday 26 June 2020

Scalextric/Gaslands - part fourteen


This is the first time that I have tried this technique, so I'm unsure as to what to expect. The model was undercoated or primed with Tamiya grey spray undercoat (rattle can spray paint) then pre-shaded with a very dark grey - blown through my airbrush. With hindsight I should have used white and black.

I would expect updates very soon but for now stay safe and

Keep Calm and Carry On Modelling


Thursday 25 June 2020

Scalextric/Gaslands - part thirteen

I think I might have gone a little over-the-top with this one!

The side pods were from another scrap Scalextric car and most of the added panels were sticky-back-plastic. The rivets were more sliced plastic rod and most of the bits were superglued in place.

The rear engine bay was from another car model (sorry can't remember exactly).

I have 'aged' the body work with a round bur bit in my Dremel. It shows up if you 'click' on the images to get a larger view. I should be starting the painting soon.

Stay safe and

Keep Calm and Carry On Modelling


Tuesday 23 June 2020

Scalextric/Gaslands - part twelve

Now that the first two slot cars are finished, I've really got the bug and thought I'd try modelling a third car. Using the chassis from a Beneton F1 race car and the body from a space toy (sorry I don't know where it originated from) I have started work on this Scraper's Buggy.

The body was cut down to size and the paper stickers removed, before I started work on the engine and exhaust. Most of the bits are from my spares box with plastic card and plastic rod detailing. The yellow rear spoiler is the front spoiler from the Beneton.

I'll post more images once I have them, but for now stay safe and

Keep Calm and Carry On Modelling


Sunday 21 June 2020

Scalextric/Gaslands - part eleven

The second slot cars is now finished. I've added the new tyres to the refurbished chassis and given it a test run.

And here you can see the ATF Interceptor and Blockade Runner next to one another on a piece of the painted track.

The final image shows the two cars running on a simple oval of Scalextric track. I will try to can get a video linked showing the two cars racing very soon. I hope that you have enjoyed seeing the modifications and painting of these two cars. I have.....

Stay safe and

Happy Fathers Day


Friday 19 June 2020

Models for Wargamers - still available

Just a reminder; Dampfpanzerwagon Guide No. 3 - Models for Wargamers is still available (although there are not that many left) for just £12.50 plus post and packaging. For details of how to order and see a details of the contents, go to this link.


Thursday 18 June 2020

Scalextric/Gaslands - part ten

Detail painting and further weathering has been finished, the whole body was matt varnished before the canopy was dipped in Klear (Future) acrylic floor polish and clipped in place. I have added some scratches (pencil) and additional rust (weathering powders) to further age the car.

The windscreen sun visor was hand painted with a GW decal added. I should have images of the Porsche on it's working chassis soon, but for now, stay safe and

Keep Calm and Carry On Modelling


Tuesday 16 June 2020

Scalextric/Gaslands - part nine

The model was gloss varnished with my Paasche airbrush prior to applying the decals. The decals came from a wide range of different sources, but I would expect most can see the GW influence. There is still a lot of detail painting to be done, but for now, I'm pleased with the progress.

Stay safe and

Keep Calm and Carry On Modelling


Monday 15 June 2020

Scalextric/Gaslands - part eight

The blockade runner was painted in a rust colour which was both brushed on and sponged on before being 'splattered' with watered down acrylic paint and washed with various brown and black washes.

The bodywork was then highlighted with drybrushing and the bonnet and a single door were painted in bright red and blue (to show replacement panels).

I am well aware that the original Porsche would have been built with carbon fibre and not metal, but I wanted a well rusted effect to mimic age and decay.

I'll try to get some more images and updates soon. In the mean time, stay safe and

Keep Calm and Carry On Modelling


Saturday 13 June 2020

Practical and Simple Wargame Terrain - part five

The French Dovecot

Yesterday, I received my latest copy of Miniature Wargames (issue 447 - July 2020) which features another of my tutorials/articles showing how I build simple wargame terrain from every-day materials. Like the earlier examples I have tried to stick to these self-imposed rules;

1 - The model should be constructed from simply sourced or everyday materials.

2 - The model should be generic and able to be used in a wide variety of different games or genres.

3 - The model should be robust enough for wargame club use.

4 - The model should be finished to a good standard and resemble the building it represents.

5 - Finally, it should fit into a 6 inch x 6 inch x 6 inch box - for easy storage.

The article can be found on pages 51, 52 and 53 - Hobby Tips, The French Dovecot. For more details, see the Warners Group site.

Here are images of the earlier tutorials all of which have been featured in Miniature Wargames.

I have eight of these tutorials already written, but am always looking for inspiration as to what other buildings or structures I could construct. If you have any suggestions, please contact me via this Blog. For now stay safe and

Keep Calm and Carry On Modelling


Thursday 11 June 2020

Model Terrain - What Next?

Earlier this week, I completed yet another magazine article for Miniature Wargames, another tutorial on building wargame terrain from everyday and easily sourced materials which are due to continue in the magazine for some time. In addition I find myself having no model making commissions (which is rare for me) and so I am asking for suggestion as to what I should model next.....

Do you have any suggestions - something you would like to see modelled and painted as a piece of wargame terrain or even a display board. I'm open to any suggestions and remember - the more off-the-wall or challenging, the better.

You can comment or add suggestions on this blog post or contact me direct at dampfpanzerwagon(at)

Stay safe


Wednesday 10 June 2020

Scalextric/Gaslands - part seven

The second Scalextric Porsche has been modelled as a Blockade Runner and more Mad Max than the ATF Interceptor. The guns and circular saw were from an old Airfix Sci-Fi kit while most of the add-on's are from the spares box or plain plastic card. The rivets are from sliced up plastic rod.

I used lots of superglue and accelerator to make sure that the bits would stay in place and 'damaged' the bodywork with my Dremel fitted with a burr. The fuel drum fitted to the rear was from an old 7mm or 1:43.5 scale kit.

Stay safe and

Keep Calm and Carry On Modelling


Tuesday 9 June 2020

Scalextric/Gaslands - part six

The first car, the ATF Interceptor is now complete. The new tyres have been fitted and I have given the car a quick test to check that it runs OK.

At the same time I've been working on the second car - a Blockade Runner and I'll upload images later this week.

Keep Calm and Carry On Modelling


Sunday 7 June 2020

Scalextric/Gaslands - part five

While I wait for the new tyres to be fitted I started to clean up the rusted Scalextrix track. I used my Dremel with a wire brush and some sanding sponges (cut down to fit the metal parts of the track) to clean and polish the pick up areas. They now look a lot better.....

However that was not enough for me and after searching tutorials on You Tube, I decided to paint my plastic track to resemble the Gaslands road sections seen in the game by Osprey Publishing.

The grey tarmac areas were sponged with two different acrylic paint greys and the road markings were stippled on (via a home made stencil) while the cracks were painted with a fine brush and based on the images/tutorials found on the internet.

The final image shows the Porsche interceptor on the newly painted track.

Hopefully, there will be more posts very soon, but for now. Stay safe and

Keep Calm and Carry On Modelling


Saturday 6 June 2020

Scalextric/Gaslands - part four

The canopy was cleaned and dipped in Klear before being painted white. I brush painted the white as I could not be bothered to mask up the compound curves. The driver has been painted as a Highway Patrol officer before being slotted in place. The final piece of painting was to add a coat of Klear to the white areas before I applied the single US ARMY star to the roof.

The headlights were 'plated' with some metallic foil glued in place with contact adhesive and pressed down with a piece of polished wood.

The canopy was clipped in place (not glued) and I'm now just waiting for the new tyres before I add the motorised chassis.

Prior to taking these images, I roughly masked the cockpit canopy and splattered on some road dirt by flicking the bristles of a stiff brush which had been dipped in watered-down acrylic paint. I didn't go too heavy as I just wanted the hint of road dirt. I have also run the side of a graphite pencil along a few of the edges, to show exposed metal surfaces.

Stay safe and

Keep Calm and Carry On Modelling


Thursday 4 June 2020

Scalextric/Gaslands - part three

Prior to applying any decals, I gloss varnishes the whole model with a diluted Klear (Future) mix which was ghosted on with my Paasche H model airbrush.

The decals were a selection of items from my ever-dwindling supply. There are decals from Games Workshop, aircraft decals and even a few from a racing car model. They were all applied with Microset decal solution and went on without issue although the decaling did take some time.

I think the application of decals has helped to 'liven-up' the model and give it a more 'realistic' appearance. I still need to add the canopy (which is soaking in a bath of Klear floor polish) and the driver.

The next post should be along soon, for now stay safe and

Keep Calm and Carry On Modelling.


Tuesday 2 June 2020

Scalextric/Gaslands - part two

With all of the modifications done, it was now time to start the painting.....

I basecoated the model with Tamiya spray can plastic primer after I had washed the shell in warm, soapy water then mottled-on the white area with a sponge. I was purposely trying for a mottled or worn effect and not for a smooth all-over or new coat.

I masked off the white areas with decorators blue masking tape and sponged on the blue areas. I started with a dark blue/black base, then a second layer of just dark blue and then a highlight of dark blue/Enchanted blue to pick out the surface detail.

I touched up any areas where the paint had bled under the tape and brush highlighted the damaged areas before I started searching for suitable transfers/decals. I had scribbled some designs on scrap paper - I was not looking for a plain POLICE logo and tried LAW, DEA and finally ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms).

I used a Letraset transfer sheet of black letters (1411) for the ATF and then sealed them with Klear (Future) before painting over the letters with dark grey (to weather-in the black ATF). Finally, I once again sealed the letters with Klear which was brushed on.

I think the ATF looks great and I am already imagining the second car as a blockade runner being chased by the ATF officials. As stated in the earlier post, this has been great fun and I'm looking forward to seeing them on the renovated Scalextric track.

More to come and soon, but for now stay safe and

Keep Calm and Carry On Modelling