Thursday, 11 June 2020

Model Terrain - What Next?

Earlier this week, I completed yet another magazine article for Miniature Wargames, another tutorial on building wargame terrain from everyday and easily sourced materials which are due to continue in the magazine for some time. In addition I find myself having no model making commissions (which is rare for me) and so I am asking for suggestion as to what I should model next.....

Do you have any suggestions - something you would like to see modelled and painted as a piece of wargame terrain or even a display board. I'm open to any suggestions and remember - the more off-the-wall or challenging, the better.

You can comment or add suggestions on this blog post or contact me direct at dampfpanzerwagon(at)

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tidders said...

Nice to see your articles in MW.

How about modelling of desert terrain items ? buildings, wells, rock formations, dunes ??

Tony said...

"How about modelling of desert terrain items ? buildings, wells, rock formations, dunes ?"

Thanks for the suggestion but.....

Already done this - there is a whole section on building hovels, tents, a well, rocky outcrops and palm trees in the Wargames Terrain & Buildings book from Pen & Sword.

See the link on the Blog.


Kev Moon said...

I got my copy of MW today. Definitely going to have a go at the dovecote, it looks a fun build.

I would like to see you tackle some fantasy terrain themed around a non-human race. Something like your pax Bochemannica halfling roundhouses? Maybe something for the orcs?

Tony said...

Hi Kev,

I'm checking out some Conan themed buildings - would that fit the bill?



commanderroj said...

More Flash Gordon. It strikes me there are lots of caverns linked to Palaces with secret doors/ trap doors. There must be some other interesting subjects in the cannon?

Tony said...

"More Flash Gordon."


I'd not thought of Flash Gordon. Although I am having lots of fun with Finley and Charlie (grandchildren) using the 40mm FG figures to tell stories. The latest was the dinosaur escaping and then having to be rounded up by Flash and the Hawkmen.

Thanks for the suggestion.


Richard said...

How about the Back of Beyond - Southern Russia to Central Asia to Mongolian and northern China.

Tony said...

"How about the Back of Beyond."

I'll have a look at some images and see what I can find. Thank you for the suggestion.