Monday 31 March 2014

Of Gods and Mortals from Osprey

I have recently bought Of Gods and Mortals- Mythological Wargame Rules from Osprey, written by Andrea Sfiligoi.

My first impressions are that it is a very well put together package, with high production values and great illustrations, the rules seem simple enough to pick up in a couple of read through's and the mechanics are easy to follow.

I picked up the book after seeing it at the WMMS earlier this month and would have to admit that I am hooked. I first wrote about this book in this post but am now seriously thinking of building a small force - more than likely Dwarves led by Thor or Odin.

Full details are;;
Of Gods and Mortals - Mythological Wargame Rules by Andrea Sfiligoi
Published by Osprey Wargames
64 full colour pages with some fantastic illustrations
ISBN 978-1-78096-849-0
Retail price £11.99 (although I got my copy a little cheaper after searching the Net)


Tuesday 25 March 2014

Paypal have gone all BIG BROTHER on me

I have been told that my paypal account has been frozen until I produce photo ID, my drivers licence, my national ID card or my passport!

I do not have a photo drivers licence, or National ID card. I do have a passport (which I am loathed to photocopy and sent to anyone), but wonder why they should need such information when then already have postal address details and bank account details.

I have opened a resolution case to see if there is any thing even remotely like CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Until it is resolved, I cannot access MY MONEY, but surprise, surprise I can still put money into the account (an account that I cannot access).

And in case you are wondering - This is not a SPAM e-mail. If it was I would just delete it and carry on, this is even worse, a formal e-mail from Paypal. Oh where is the world going when you cannot access your own money and the only way to contact anyone with a query is via drop down boxed - that have no relation at all to the query you want you discuss.

Rant over.


Within minutes I get an automatic e-mail giving me details of how I can resolve this issue. The only problem. The drop down boxes do not have a section for resolving this issue, so you have to just re-write another e-mail explaining why I have no photo ID or do not want to send passport ID.

In short - going round and round in circles.

Get your act together Paypal!

Birthday Presents - part three

Another birthday present. This time the Silver Anniversary Edition of Flash Gordon, the Queen soundtrack Flash Gordon directed by Mike Hodges. I can't wait to watch it with the Brian Blessed audio commentary!
(Because - let's be honest, can you think of Brian Blessed and not smile?)

Thank you Holly......


Saturday 22 March 2014

Birthday Presents - part two

My Birthday Cake - the-shed-at-the-bottom-of-the-garden.

Thank you Jen. I'll enjoy devouring it.


Birthday Presents!

Sue bought me this hard-back book by Bill Horan and Phill Kessling as a surprise birthday present.

I've had a great day with lots of special presents, but this is the book I'll curl up with this evening.

Thank you Sue

Battle Honours
Bill Horan & Phill Kessling
Published by Windrow & Greene Publishing in 1995
ISBN 1-85915-037-3
128 Pages of Colour illustrations.
The US Military Model Shows Medal Winners


Friday 21 March 2014

Dungeons & Dragons

I have recently purchased via e-bay a second-hand edition of the iconic Dungeons & Dragons red box started set. The box arrived earlier this week and I have had great fun in re-acquainting myself with this olde favourite. Now if only I could set up an adventure?

I have forgotten how much fun it is to imagine yourself adventuring in an underground tunnel, the anticipation and fear mixed with fun and adventure.

There are few modern rule sets that I have collected that have had such an effect, this is the sign of a true classic. Earlier this year, I posted that D&D is forty years old this year - a true landmark. For details of my earlier post/posts see this link and this link.

Even if I don't get around to writing of playing a D&D adventure the book has been great fun to re-read.


Tuesday 18 March 2014

Munchkin Deluxe

This weekend I played my first game of Munchkin - a game by Steve Jackson Games. The zany and off-the-wall humour appealed to me and I have no hesitation in recommending it.

Gary and Beckie brought the board game with them when they visited and we sat down to have and introductory game on Saturday night. The game sees Munchkin Characters (male and/or female) fight their way through a board dungeon, killing monsters and retrieving treasure. The goal is to be the first to reach level 10 and be crowned the winner. Along the way players can either help, hinder or kill one another, just the sort of game I enjoy.

There are many different supplement to the game, but the standard Munchin Deluxe seemed to have everything you would need for a great evenings entertainment.

Great fun, but just a little quirky! Full details can be found here.


Sunday 16 March 2014

Wargamers Butterfly Syndrome

Just as I should be concentrating all of my modelling and painting efforts into Book Two, I have been infected by that most insidious of complaints Wargamers Butterfly Syndrome! Its effects became obvious after my return from Alumwell the West Midlands Military Show last Sunday. I am sure that this is where I picked up the infection.

The symptoms are varied, but in my case have resulted in the forced purchase of;
Of Gods and Mortals from Osprey Publishing, a red box edition of Dungeons and Dragons from ebay, a set of new miniatures from Gavin at Alternative Armies and the kind gift of some more AA figures from Craig Andrews of Orcs in the Webbe.

With my healthy, paypal account - where will it all end?

I would like to say that the symptoms are fleeting, especially as my Wife regularly reads this Blog, but I seem to be in the throws of a very bad case of Butterfly Syndrome, and the only cure - spending more and MORE on my hobby.

The diagnosis is looking dire.


Wargamers Butterfly Syndrome;
The inability of gamers to settle on any one game, genre or period, to flit between various, and more often than not un-associated modelling and gaming themes to the detriment of their wallet.

Friday 14 March 2014

WMMS 2014 - part six

Do I really have to have a reason to post an image of an Eagle?

Sci-Fi Captain Scarlet and SG1 figures alongside this coool jet. While the rest are 'what-if' German jets, more Sci-Fi and some beautifully modelled boats.


Thursday 13 March 2014

WMMS 2014 - part five

It should come as no surprise that I have taken a number of images of Wargame Terrain. The first seven are of the Grand Manner 40mm range of AWI/ACW resin buildings that I had the pleasure of sculpting for Dave Bodley. They were beautifully painted by members of the Shrewsbury Wargame Club and on display on the Musket and Tomahawks board. I think these are the best painted examples I have come across of these buildings.

The next three are images of Hougamont. I believe these are resin models by Hovels. A huge display of this very important engagement, and again beautifully painted.

I also snapped away at these examples of well made terrain or scenery.


WMMS 2014 - part four

Part four features some of the armoured vehicle models that were on display. The first this Char 2C was a huge model, definitely bigger than 1/35th scale and was featured on the IPMS stand.


Wednesday 12 March 2014

The Kyng's Shilling

A St. David's Day special on Orcs in the Webbe. Yes I know its late, but better late than never!

For full details go to this link or search via the Orcs in the Webbe main page. The scenario was written to celebrate St. David's Day 2014, this Saints Day theme has been a long standing tradition on both Barking Irons Online and Orcs in the Webbe. I hope you enjoy this Foul Mouth Freddy adventure that pits Freddy and his Posse against some 'point-ears' led by Captain Chirac in a race to secure some bankers Gold.

Oh, and there are a couple of Toads, who have been employed by the same bankers to take back the Kyng's Shilling.


Tuesday 11 March 2014

WMMS 2014 - part three

This is a model of the Curtis-Wright X19 that I saw at the WMMS this Sunday. At first I thought it was a 'What-if' or fantasy plane, but after speaking to the modeller, I was told that it actually existed and flew. For full details go to this Wicki link. A tilt-wing experimental transporter!

Here are a couple more images.

And a black and white image of the original.

It just goes to show that in many cases fact can be stranger than fiction.


Monday 10 March 2014

WMMS 2014 - part two

I've started this photo report with images of these 1:1 scale vehicles that were the centre point of the main hall floor. A similar display was here last year, but I only took a couple of photos. This time I got many more. The rest of this post is full of figure displays which were featured on the two IPMS stands. WMMS is not just a wargame show, but has many different exhibits, from model displays, wargame displays, role-players and even re-enactors; A great day out.