Tuesday 18 March 2014

Munchkin Deluxe

This weekend I played my first game of Munchkin - a game by Steve Jackson Games. The zany and off-the-wall humour appealed to me and I have no hesitation in recommending it.

Gary and Beckie brought the board game with them when they visited and we sat down to have and introductory game on Saturday night. The game sees Munchkin Characters (male and/or female) fight their way through a board dungeon, killing monsters and retrieving treasure. The goal is to be the first to reach level 10 and be crowned the winner. Along the way players can either help, hinder or kill one another, just the sort of game I enjoy.

There are many different supplement to the game, but the standard Munchin Deluxe seemed to have everything you would need for a great evenings entertainment.

Great fun, but just a little quirky! Full details can be found here.



Vinnie said...

Looks a fun game to play

lrqan said...

It is a good game. If you want to watch something tune into this.

Will Weaton has done 2 'You Tube' series of board games called 'Tabletop.' He plays with his friends. I think you'll enjoy the various episodes. I love them.