Tuesday 30 April 2019

Two Sailing Yachts

Sue and I decided to have a morning shopping in Malvern and amongst other things I bought myself this pair of model sailing yachts.

They were bought from a local charity store and as the assistant was putting them out on the shelf, I asked how much they were and was surprised to hear just how cheap they were.....

They are so large that we could not fit them in a bag/bags and I ended up walking around the town centre with one under each arm. They are each 500mm long and 850mm tall. Originally they were remote control, but the remote was missing from each and I will sail them as fixed sail/rudder yachts.

I can recall my Bampi taking my brother and me to Brynmill Park, Swansea and sailing a similar yacht and wind-up speed boat on the boating pond so I look forward to doing the same with my grandsons Finley and Charlie the next time we visit Leamington Spa.

I spent the afternoon both cleaning them and re-tying the sails and masts before testing each of them in the bath.

How much were they?

Just £3.00 each.


Monday 29 April 2019

For Sale on Ebay

Another batch of magazines and some Essex miniatures for sale on Ebay. For full details see this link

Thank you.


Friday 26 April 2019

Warhammer Army from the 1990's - part two

I received a couple of comments asking for more details of this Oldehammer Orc Army. So here they are.....

Command 4 figures a commander, two shamans and a giant

Regiment A - 18 figures (2 x original Regiments of Renown)

Regiment B - 18 figures

Regiment C - 15 figures

Regiment D - 12 figures

Regiment E - 15 figures

Regiment F - 12 figures

Regiment G - 9 figures

Regiment H - 3 wild bird riders (Wyvern riders)

Regiment I - 6 wolf riders

Regiment J - 12 wolves

1 x Skull faced lobber

1 x Catapult


Warhammer Army from the 1990's

Earlier this week I was working in the attic and came across this Warhammer Orcs army that has not seen the light of day for some years. I thought it would be fun to take some photographs of the minis.

The army consists of over 100 Games Workshop Orcs all painted to a very good standard and mounted not on those plastic slotabases, but traditional card bases, textured and painted with natural fibres and small stones.

They are some really old and rare minis in this set.....

Here are some close-ups of the painted miniatures.


Thursday 25 April 2019

For Sale on EBAY

Another batch of bits and pieces for sale on Ebay. For details see this link.


Wednesday 24 April 2019

Flintloque Undead - part thirteen

At long last the four headless zombies are finished. It's been quite a journey but I have now matt varnished the miniatures and flocked or added static grass the the bases.

The image below shows the rear of the figures.


Sunday 21 April 2019

Flintloque Undead - part twelve

I have gloss varnished the four headless zombies with Ronseal gloss varnish and just need to matt varnish and flock before they are completely finished.


Easter Model & Collectors Show - Stoke Prior

Earlier today Sue and I visited the Easter Model & Collectors Show held at the Stoke Prior Sports & Social Club near Bromsgrove. The weather was glorious and we had a great time browsing the static and mobile exhibits. Here are a few images of some of the vehicles on display.