Wednesday 10 August 2011

Stone Barn an on-line build part five

Some time ago I started this On-Line build to show how this old model was re-painted. At long last it is finished, for more information see this post this post and this post

The model was built over twenty years ago (maybe even twenty five years) and is constructed from card that was originally used as advertising material/display material for Gonzalez Byass Sherry! The surface detail is DAS modelling clay and as you can see it has held-up well to the rigours of gaming and being stored in the attic.

The model is quite large (too large) at 300m long x 100mm wide and 120mm tall.

Here you see some close-ups of the stonework and surface detail. I feel that I have improved somewhat since these (very) early modelling tests, but am still proud of the technique and sculpting. For those who are interested the stones were first spread out on a glass cutting board and when cut to shape were added one-by-one to the building frame over a layer of uPVA glue. The roof tiles (stones) are individual DAS pieces which I think work well on some models but looks a little hap-hazard on this one.

The Stone Barn has given sterling service and has been re-based once and re-painted twice since first modelled. Of note is the fact that it was originally built with a open base (on a hollow card shell) but has now been mounted onto a 3mm thick plastic card base with the groundwork built up from DAS and Milliput.

The green growth climbing up the side of the building is made from small clumps of foam, superglued on to the walls and then covered in fine sand.

For anyone considering a similar modelling project I would recommend making it a little smaller with a 160mm x 100mm footprint being easier and more practical.

At this moment I am not sure what I will do with this model - nostalgia says keep it, but I am not sure that it fits in with my 'other' terrain pieces being a little too large and coarse. I have other 'early' DAS models stored in the attic which I may well remodel and re-paint at some time.

I hope that you like this example of my early modelling work.


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Ubique Matt said...

Great looking model and a lovely paint job, especially the different coloured roof tiles.