Sunday 11 September 2011

Small Spanish Hovel

It has been some time since I first started this small Spanish themed house or hovel.  The main construction is 5mm Foamboard with a DAS skin and plastic bead roof.

The model is small - just 70mm x 50mm but is mounted on to a larger oval of MDF which is further decorated with a white metal wall section from Alternative Armies, a resin barrel and a small resin sack.  The building was inspired by a similar model featured in Roy Porter's book Model Building Masterclass published by Windrow & Greene Publishing. (Pages 48 - 57).

Having laid unfinished for over two years it was good to see it finally completed. The painting is built-up over a white basecoat and much more 'pastel' than my usual offerings.  I hope you like the contrast.


1 comment:

Christopher said...

I love how you make buildings that are so Flintloquey. Everything feels like it comes from a slightly different world.