Tuesday, 18 November 2008

A Most Vital Matter

The specialist Flintloque resource Orcs in the webbe has a competition called Visions - a photographic competition to illustrate a Flintloque scenario, any Flintloque scenario. See the link below;


I have composed a number of shots to illustrate the first scenario - A most vital matter, where a group of seamstresses are left to fall behind the main Orc column and are now about to be attacked by a group of Spanish guerrillas.

The three female Orcs are from one of the Flintloque boxed sets, while the Ogre is a slightly modified miniature from the Ogre blister pack. The Sutress wagon is scratch build and uses the canvas hood from a toy pencil sharpener. The horse is a modified cake decoration.


The photograph is taken with indoor lighting on my generic green flock wargame table.

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