Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Joccian Rats patrol a Catalutian street

Yet another staged photo - this time a group of Rats, are patrolling a Spanish town, between the run down housing and walled grave yard. You may know this particular scenario?

Most of the troops are obvious, however please note that there is an Orc officer in the foreground. The buildings and wall are scratch built, the road is simple sandpaper, the piece of fence is built from toffee apple sticks and all of the grave stones are scratch built (the first time they have all appeared on film).



Rob Alderman said...

Very nice.
Rat Trap is the scenario if I am correct?

Can't remember if it is an OITH or Grapeshotte scenario.

What do I win? :)

Veyr nice photograph mate, when you say film, do you actually mean film! If yes, then nice one! Very rare these days, but film can get very good photographs.

I love your scenics.


Tony said...

Rat Trap it is - thank you.

By film I mean that this is the first time the grave stones have been photographed.

Thank you, and thanks for the comments.