Monday 16 June 2014

Legion Irlandaise - part five

Following on from the earlier (On-Line Build) posts I have now started the painting proper.

Images One and two - show the flesh areas painted over Snakebite Leather highlighted with Skull White and washed with Flesh Was from Citadel (the old blue topped bottle).

Photos Three and Four - The uniform colour was mixed from Forest Green (Foundry) and a light green (an old Warzone paint - no longer available). The rigours of campaign have taken their toll and the green trousers have in some cases been replaced with grey or off-white.

I have also highlighted the skin colour with more White.

Photos Five and Six - The yellow was a Rackhams or Windsor & Newton acrylic paint that I bought while on holiday in Scotland some time ago (I find that yellow is the most difficult paint to use over a Black Undercoat and usually needs two coats).

The Red was built up over Gore Red and highlighted with Blood Red.

Photos Seven and Eight - More detail painting. In this image, I have shown the reverse of the figures and how I have painted all the equipment/baggage.

The Red, Green and Yellow colours really show up as either 'cartoony' or over-the-top. This is a combination of my painting style and trying to replicate the colours shown in the Lawless cartoon strip. I like the effect.

More to come.


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Dave said...


I've long been tempted to do the Irish Legion in Napoleonics after having bought the Osprey Wild Geese title. Excellent conversions and giving me food for thought on what to do with my Flintloque collection.