Monday 30 June 2014

Stratford Armouries - part two

Part two of my short report on my recent visit to the Stratford Armouries. Most of these images were taken indoors, showing just some of the many, many exhibits. For details of part one go to this previous post.

Did I mention that the Armouries has a huge display of Model Soldiers from the British Model Solder Association.

I can't help thinking that The Stratford Armouries would be a great venue for a Wargame Tournament or Show, the upper floor is set out as a classroom friendly room, where there could be 6 - 10 gaming tables while the free parking and close proximity to Stratfod on Avon would make it easy to get to.

I know that in recent years there have been many who have organised such events, maybe I'll get around to it next year!



MarkG said...

'a great venue for a Wargame Tournament or Show'. That sounds like a good idea! But how many traders would it hold?

Tony said...

I think the Armouries would be better suited to a tournament or small show. Traders would be limited.

However let's see.....