Monday, 1 March 2010

Foul Mouth Freddy Saves the ****ing Sheep

Craig at Orcs in the Webbe asked if I would write a new scenario for my hero Foul Mouth Freddy to feature in a set of themes scenarios, each linked to one of the UK Saints Days. Here is the result for St. David's Day 2010; Foul Mouth Freddy Saves the ****ing Sheep.

"In parts of Taffsea, hidden in deep lush valleys there are many legends of fair folk and evil doings. This is the story of how Foul Mouth Freddy found true love in this most unusual of places."

To read the full story and scenario, go to;

I had tremendous fun writing this short story and Craig has done a great job in editing my notes. The whole story should inspire Flintloque gamers to try this simple scenario. I hope that you like it.

Note; Boggies are Evil Taffsea Mine Goblins, and Thelma is a Glaistig, both creatures found in obscure Welsh Folk Tales.

The image above, shows Foul Mouth and Thelma, truly a match made in heaven! Freddy is a modified Flintloque Orc and Thelma is the she-Orc from one of the Flintloque half-box sets, I'm not sure she is still available! (You may have to 'badger' Gavin for it to be re-released.)

I have recently sent a 'master' model of Foul Mouth Freddy to Alternative Armies and Gavin has promised that he will be cast up soon, keep an eye on this Blog for details of the release. In addition, I would expect further adventures of this 'potty-mouthed' Albion Orc to follow soon.

Finally - Happy St. David's Day



Rob Alderman said...

Cymru am Byth!

Boggies? Is that anothe rname for the Knockers? Welsh Leprochauns that steal miner's luncherboxes?

I'll give it a read later.

The orc lass is still available, part of the Orc Camp Followers set. The FIRST flintloque set I ever bought.
Cheers fella

Rob Alderman said...

Sounds lile a great scenario.
I'd do it as a 3 player, run by GM.

Might give it a go once the mini is released.


Tony said...

Hi Rob,

Boggies are very similar to Knockers. While writing the back-story, I searched old Welsh folk tales on Google and Wicki and Boggies came up as evil Welsh mine goblins. Thats the same description I would have given to knockers!

Three players and a GM?

How would you split the forces?


Rob Alderman said...

Hey Tony

I'd just split itup as:

Freddie & Lass
Orc Infantry

GM to run things smoothly, or even control the Boggies.

I like to add some paranoia into my games, so whilst one player might be trying to get the sheep off the board, the lass might be trying to keep them safe! All the while, Freddy is trying to keep control and the Orc Infantry players are getting annoyed with him!