Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Aeronef's at Poundland

POUNDLAND (a UK based clearance store) are selling these windup toys for (you guested it) a pound. The Hydro Machines come in three varieties, a hovercraft, a submarine and this cute little floatplane. I intend using the two yellow floats as model Aeronefs, or more exactly Nef's/Dig's by adding a suspended control gondola below the balloon.

For inspiration check out the Hydrogen Balloon Ether Flier at Matteen Greenway's site;

Each float/balloon is 85mm long and 28mm wide. I am not expecting this project to be completed anytime soon, but wanted to give other VSF modellers a 'heads-up'.


1 comment:

Rob Alderman said...

Very interesting....

I can see some German Zeppelins in those...