Thursday, 11 March 2010

Flintloque Dwarf Ulhans - part five

After a short delay, here are the latest on-line build images of my converted Dwarf Uhlans.

The beards are a mix of colours, mainly Games Workshop and Vallejo Game Color, highlighted with subsequent and lighter colours. The Uhlan helmet or Czapka is painted very dark grey with almost no highlighting, the metal work is gold, worked up from GW Dwarf Bronze, through GW Shinning Gold and highlighted with GW Burnished Gold. (I tend to highlight my 'metals' in the same way that I paint other colours, start with a dark base, sometimes over either dark grey for silver or dark brown for gold, a mid colour and a highlight). When finished I washed the gold areas with the new GW Sepia wash.

The cockade at the front is pure white over light grey and the plume is GW Gore Red with a highlight of GW Blood Red (just two layers for red).

I think the figure in the first image (far right) and with the white beard and eye patch is going to be re-painted, these photos show the white beard to be too white. I may paint it dark brown, we will have to see.

Earlier this week, I was having a tidy up and came across the Games Workshop book How to paint Citadel Miniatures. I was struck by how similar my painting style (particularly for Flintloque figures) is to the example painted by Dave Andrews, see page 88/89 Empire Spearman. Maybe I study painting styles too much (or I may be I'm a little anal) but I find it interesting to test out different painting styles in the hope that I will improve. Usually I just revert back to my well-practiced style as seen above.

With reference to the Uhlans, I am particularly pleased with how the converted Pickelhaube helmets have come out. The next update should be painting the blunderbuss guns and sword.



Rob Alderman said...

They look great!

For the white beard, I'd consider putting some more 'natural' tones into there. So a little bit of a brown wash, grey wash or something. I think it is too harshly shaded (i.e. black!). Perhaps consider GW Codex Grey, highlighted with Fortress Grey and then White, maybe even use the black wash and then white over that...

Beards are fun but can be a royal pain in the arse! I am painting some Jaeger at the moment, so they should come up soon!

Tony said...

Hi Rob,

Thanks for the comments. I'll try to update this weekend.