Monday, 29 March 2010

Martian Skiff in 28mm

A recent thread on The Miniatures Page was asking about the availability of suitable Martian Cloudships. See;

The subsequent replies, featured a Martian Skiff 'Master' that I produced some time ago and will soon be available to purchase from Recreational Conflict. See;

The skiff was built as a five piece model to be reproduced in resin and suitable for 28mm miniatures.

It was great fun to produce, mainly because I had been given such a very well written and drawn brief. I look forward to other such projects.


I have recently finished a modelling and painting article featuring a 1/300th scale Aeronef (see Space 1889/Aeronef label for other examples). However I was wondering about the demand for 15mm Airships/Aeronef, mainly based on, but not slavish copies of the Space 1889 craft, again see the Space 1889/Aeronef label for details of what I am talking about.

I could easily produce 6 to 10 models of such ships, ranging in size from 12cms - 30cms long, but am uncertain of the commercial demand.

Any comments?


ken said...

Baron Von Jaye and I were just talking about Martian/Aeronef vehicles in 15mm. It seems like a no brainer to me. You would actually have enough room to maneuver on the table top instead of it just being a prop(in 28mm). And would be more affordable to gather larger fleets and utilize larger ships.

I would certainly encourage you on this one.

Rob Alderman said...

Dammit man! I'm going to want these!!!!