Tuesday, 2 June 2015

The first Boche Halflings from the Pax Bochemannica boxed game

The second Boche themed post of the month is a re-post of an earlier set of Blog posts. The painting of the first three Boche Halflings from the Pax Bochemannic boxed game - from November 2012.

Image Two - Shows the metal castings undercoated with 'spray-can' black and mounted on to 1p coins. The groundwork has been built up with Milliput epoxy putty with small 'gritty' stones pushed into the still soft epoxy to give some added interest. The rest of the bare bases have been treated to my usual texturing technique, with sieved stones and fine sand added over dilute uPVA glue.

The three miniatures were originally given to me by Dave Toone (who sculpted the figures) with a set of test or pre-production rules for S.P.Q.ORC - Pax Bochemannica.

Image Three - Dave  has done a great job of sculpting not just gaming miniatures but true characters, each an individual, dressed in simple dungarees and sporting braces.

The painting progressed with a basecoat mixed from Beastial Brown and Snakebite Leather. I applied two thin coats rather than one so as to not obliterate the fine sculpting.

Image Four - Next was a wash of  Ogrin Flesh and Badab Black.

Image Five - A layer of Snakebite (with some grey and Beastial Brown added) to highlight the muscles, in the Kevin Dallimore painting style.

Image Six - Then a more detailed layer of Snakebite and Pale Flesh.

Image Seven - Finally a second layer of highlighting and then a quick wash with the old GW or Citadel Flesh wash, the one in the blue topped pot.

And the flesh areas are finished.

This flesh recipe was made-up as I went along and is not my usual Snakebite, Snakebite/Skull White, Skull White recipe. I think it gives a more 'earthy' or natural scheme.

Image Eight - Dedicated followers of fashion. The three Halflings have finally got some 'kegs'. I have used the same technique for all three, just different colours.

The base colour was laid down with two even coats, then given a highlight with a slightly lighter colour. When this was fully dry the white stripes were added by first painting in the stripes with Stonewall Grey (from Vallejo) and then highlighting with Skull White (from Games Workshop). I used a No. 2 Sable mix brush from Rosemary & Co. I have not 'washed' the trousers as I want them to be the 'spot colour' on these miniatures.

Image Nine - I have painted the bases and the all-important braces!  There are still some bits and pieces to finish off, but the figure painting is now nearing completion.

As with the Noman Orc Legionaries the bases have been painted with a slightly darker brown than I usually use and washed with Badab Black. The small stones were picked out in dark Grey and again washed.

Images Ten, Eleven and Twelve - Here are the three finished Halflings individually posed to show the fantastic sculpting.

Image Thirteen - Finally, a comparison shot of one Orc Legionnaire, facing off against a 'rabble' of three Boche Halflings.  It will be a tight call as to which side comes of worse!

I have used two of the round shields that came with the miniatures and a square lid off a wooden crate for the third, I thought it added some variety to the group.



MarkG said...

Very nice. First time I believe I have seen Halflings which look like real thugs!

JPChapleau said...

Very nice! That square shield does make it more varied. Great work.

Rob Alderman said...

Great work, can't wait to see what you do with the next batch!