Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Boche Halflings - group two

Boche Month continues.....

My second group of four Boche Halflings from the original Pax Bochemannica boxed set.

Image two - After cleaning up the metal castings (there wasn't that much) I mounted to miniatures on to 1p coins and built up the bases with Milliput.

Image Three - The bases were further textured with sieved sand and small stones applied over uPVA glue.

Image Four - The models were then spray painted with some cheap 'rattle-can' Black before being touched up with Chaos Black from Games Workshop.

I know that this technique - the basing and painting of the bases is not the norm. However I find it works for me.

Look out for more Boche updates throughout the month.


1 comment:

Rob Alderman said...

This is actually very similar to the way I paint my bases. I sand them and then spray them.

Looking forward to seeing these painted up!