Thursday, 18 June 2015

Boche Halflings - group four/4

I think these two images show much better than any words can how I paint the trousers, trews or kegs of my Boche miniatures.

The base colours are always built up with at least one highlight (Red) over a darker base and sometimes two or three highlights (Green or Blue).

Once I am happy with the bright colour, it's onto the white pyjama stripes. These are painted freehand with a fine brush (one with a good tip) first with Stonewall Grey from Vallejo and then Skull White from Games Workshop. I tend to water-down the White to get a good fine line which is placed as highlights over the Grey.

In the Pax Bochemannia box set and on various forums, gamers have stuck to one colour for the whole group of figures, I find that having a variety of different colour (the bright highlight) the group look much more fun.

The spearman (spear-halfling) on the left has had his spear trimmed and an axe head added. This is just a sliver of plastic card sanded to a wedge shape and then trimmed with a scalpel. I have added it to a short tube of plastic rod before supergluing it in place.


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Rob Alderman said...

Very nice, looking forward to seeing them completed and your next batch of figures!