Friday, 29 February 2008

Mars themed wargaming table

I am lucky enough to have a large double garage that we have converted in to a music room and games room for my two teenage children (and friends). The focal point is a pool table which when not in use we cover with a cloth to protect the playing surface.

In the summer of 2007 I decided that it would be a good excuse and perfect opportunity for me to build a wooden top for the table. In addition I could use the surface for wargaming.

A piece of chipboard was bought and cut to size and beading attached to the sides to act as a lip to keep the top secure over the pool table.

I painted the beading black and then wallpapered the surface with vinyl paper in a colour called 'Rust'. The first couple of sheets of wallpaper attachedOnce the whole top was covered I started to paint on some terrain detail, cliffs, shrub etc.The first painted detail - painted with acrylic paints a wide brush and a sponge.Once the terrain painting had progressed I drew grid lines (for two reasons - to hide the joints in the wallpaper and to make the table resemble a map).Even more added lines and detailing, a sort of cross between a map and a painted backdrop.
Then a scale refence - 20cms and 30cms. The wavy line is 'The extent of the polar region' something I saw on a Barsoom map.Next was a compass - again taken from a Barsoom map.
The table top almost finished and seen from the West.
I even added this Space 1889 logo - however I have now removed it as the illustration was damaged during play.
3D terrain can be added during play - this is Fort Kell Ben, scratch built and mounted on MDF.

The whole board looking East with the British fleet on patrol. In addition to the painted terrain, I have added names taken from either the Barsoom maps or actual maps of the planet Mars.
I hope that you like it!

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James (J) Womack, Esq. said...

Wow! That looks great! Just the thing for flying over the red sands of Mars in your mighty Aerofleet!