Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Dampfwerks - 40mm resin buildings

At long last the range of 40mm American War of Independence/American Civil War resin terrain pieces are available to purchase. These are some of the very first resin castings painted for an advertising feature due to go to print this month and to be published in August.

The Covered Well AMC40-1 £6.00 (please note that although there are two painted models featured below there is only one in the pack).

Valley Forge Log Cabin AMC40-4 £20.00 and already featured on this Blog.

Small Plank House with Porch AMC40-5 £30.00 A generic AWI/ACW house.

Hoskin's Farm House AMC40-6 £40.00. Based on the painting Guilford Courthouse, Greenboro, N.C. by Dale Gallion

Hoskin's Farm Kitchen House AMC40-7 £22.00. Also based on the painting by Dale Gallion.

In each case the figure is a 40mm Front Rank Continental Armies miniature. The full range of pieces and pricing is;
AMC40-1 Covered Well £6.00
AMC40-2 Wood Shelter £6.00
AMC40-3 Cooking Caldron £4.00
AMC40-4 Valley Forge Log Cabin £20.00
AMC40-5 Small Plank House with Porch £30.00
AMC40-6 Hoskin's Farm House £40.00
AMC40-7 Hoskin's Farm Kitchen House £22.00
AMC40-8 Stone/Plank Stable (Yalley Forge) £46.00
AMC40-9 Guilford Courthouse TBC
AMC40-10 Snake Fence Straight £8.00
AMC40-11 Snake Fence Corner £8.00

All houses feature removable roofs and internal detail, with Hoskin's Farm House and the Stone/Plank Stable having removable first floor castings.

The resin models are available from;
Grand Manner, Unit B, Smiths Way, Saxon Business Park, Stoke Prior, Bromsgrove B60 4AD Tel/Fax; 01527 578766 or see the website; http://www.grandmanner.co.uk/ for more information and notification of new releases.


PS. Thank you to all those who have helped set this new venture up, in particular thank you to Dave at Grand Manner for all the support and advice.


Rob Alderman said...

These look excellent.
I'll add them to the to buy list.

You gonna do any peninsular napoleonic style ones?


Mad Carew said...

Wow those are very nice
For the future, Napoleonic is great, but what about... Colonial Africa?? I don't want to be a pain, but some colonial farm type buildings would be very nice