Wednesday 19 December 2012

Build Something Contest on LAF - an update

The small terrain piece is moving along - this image shows the modified barrel, a Grand Manner resin casting that has been hollowed-out. I used a 3mm drill in my Dremel and then a boring bit to give the impression of an open barrel. The barrel is mounted on to a plastic card wooden pallet.

Here are some of the 'clutter' pieces that will be added to the finished piece. They come from a variety of manufacturers with most being modified in some way.

Finally for this post - something I have not used. Can you guess what it is yet?

Details of this contest can be found here and my first post here. Stay tuned for more updates.



Rob Alderman said...

Hi Tony!
Looking good! Is it some kind of shisha smoking device?


Jay said...

Nice modeling; and the mystery item is a moonshine-still from my backyard!

PatG said...

What Jay said. Now all you need is a Chevy radiator to run it through.