Friday, 10 January 2014

RIP White Dwarf Magazine

Over the last couple of days I have read a number of rumours that Games Workshop are to stop production of the iconic gaming magazine White Dwarf. At first I thought this some sick April Fool style joke, but as days have moved on, further reports and now an official press release have confirmed it.

Earlier today I called into WHSmiths and tried to buy a current copy but was not able to find one (this will be an issue to keep and tell your Grand Children about!)

I have mixed views on the demise of White Dwarf as for some time I have not enjoyed the content or (new) format and therefore not purchased a copy. In fact I have been donating some of my later issues to the works canteen.

My head says good riddance, my heart is pulling in a different direction as I cannot help but look back (with rose tinted glasses) at the 'hey day' of White Dwarf, when I would eagerly search out the latest issue to read (and sometimes re-read) from cover to cover. Some twenty/thirty or more years on I still have my collection of early WD magazines (stored in box files in the attic) and doubt I will ever get rid of them.

Today, I feel that trends in wargaming (or as GW would call it - The Hobby) are moving away from paper based products to more electronic - as a bit of a 'dinosaur', I regret the demise of WD and although not shedding a tear, I am a little sad at its demise

However, as has been shown in the past GW do have a track record of surprising us. For more information please see this link. And now this link.

Rest in Peace White Dwarf. You will be missed.....



Michael Peterson said...

Certainly the end of an era. It's hard to remember when print magazines like WD or The Dragon or The Courier were the only real source of news for hobbyists.
Sadly, WD became a catalogue, but it did have many ideas for painting and modelling. I haven't bought one in years, but will still miss it.

Gavin Syme (GBS) said...

While it will be sad to lose a print title from the news stand I am not surprises. The quality of all these magazines has dropped over the last few years and advertising in them is (from experience) pointless.

As for White Dwarf I would offer the opinion that it ceased to be a 'gaming magazine' many years ago and is little more than an advert and catalogue now. I have over a hundred older issues from the 1980's and they are well worth reading now.

As Mr Peterson says 'not bought one in years', wargamers were not its audience...children were for 'the hobby'.

Still a bit sad though.


Chef du Whip said...

When practical war gamer disappeared I was sad when wargames soldiers and strategy disappeared (albeit briefly) I was sad and a bit angry, nowadays when a magazine is rumoured to have the plug pulled all I can muster is a "too bad they should have thought about being relevant"

I'm sure GW will think of something, at a price of course ;-)

tradgardmastare said...

I agree with what has been said. I had the first two or three years of the magazine in binders, now sadly no longer in my possession.

It is a sad end of what was once glorious.I still flicked through it in wHS bemused by content and prices of items shown.

I wonder if thee will be a gap in the market which can be filled by a magazine dealing with fantasy wargaming which is not bound to one system/company.I would like to think so but doubt it.There is a plethora of magazines out there on the high street shelves and wonder if there is room for another?

Tony said...

More information from Games Workshop.