Monday, 25 April 2016

Ma.K Hover Tank - part 22

These first four images show the choice of transfers/decals I applied to the model. All of the transfers were applied over a brushed on coat of Future floor polish. The snake motif was a real pig to apply - the carrier film was thick and would not respond to either Mircosol or Microset. In the end the snake motif was applied in two and sometimes three parts (it was very easy to break). The thick transfers would not lay flat on the curved hull and they appeared too shiny even after layers of Future.

I decided that I would not use any more of the Ju87 snake motif transfers and raided my decal store. The German crosses were taken from a spare set of WW2 transfers, The 32 transfers were from a Me 109 (1/32nd set) and the 124 was from a free set from the cover of a Military Modelling magazine. Others were scavenged and applied as I saw fit.

I have also painted some of the smaller details. I gave the turret an additional drybrush and washed the green area to try an tone-down the bright green.

In these next two images you can see some more detailed painting. But it was work on the snake motif that took all the time. I used uPVA glue, which I applied with a fine brush under the carrier film to try and get the transfers to lay flat. I had read about this technique in a magazine or book and at this time I was desperate to save the Snake!

The technique seems to have worked, although there is still some silvering. I have touched up the snake with white and red acrylic paint, which has helped to hide the silvering and the joins.

The German crosses were over painted with a very dark grey - as the pure black was a little stark.

At this stage - the Ma.K Hover Tank is nearly finished - well at least the painting and transfers!

The turret is sitting on top of an additional magnet. When the model is varnished, I will remove the spare magnet and the turret will sit on the hull top as seen in earlier images. I have done this to stop the paint being damaged during painting. It also makes the turret easier to hold during painting.

The Ma.K Hover Tank, although a pure flight of fantasy, has caused some considerable comment, particularly the green turret on a brown hull!

I did some Internet searches to try to find a similar scheme and the images included below have been taken from the Internet without permission - I would hope that the owners would allow them to stay, as I have not tried to pirate them, but have used them as examples of a particular type of colour scheme.

Obviously, should any one object, I will take them down.

And this very week, I saw these beautifully painted miniatures on The Lead Adventure Forum and thought - "If you can do this with their uniforms, then why not with their tanks?"



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Zzzzzz said...

Like. And sympathise with your transfer woes. I too have used the multiple layers of varnishes and watered down PVA.

peter said...

When I see with what you started to make this model, I can only take my hat of! Excellent scratchbuild work doen Sir!


Tony said...

"When I see with what you started to make this model, I can only take my hat off! Excellent scratch build work Sir!"

Thank you.