Saturday, 13 August 2016


I have been a member of Pinterest for almost a year and now find myself using it almost as much as Google Image Search. For those not familiar with this group, Pinterest is a site where regular contributors host image boards or 'pin boards' of associated subject matter - for example Anglo Saxon Warriors or Early Roman Soldiers or Gaming Environs.

I first became aware of this great reference source when Pinterest sites came up while doing Google image searches. There was initially quite a bit of frustration as these sites are sometimes locked to non-members and so I joined. The programme is a little hit-and-miss but overall the subject matter that you search - for example Mausoleum (for when I was researching the model Mausoleum featured in Wargames Soldiers and Strategy) will identified and suggest similar Pinterest sites.

Now, one year on, I have found that my browsing history has settled and I find less random subject matter appearing.

In the past week I have found myself relying more and more on this site to search subject matter for current or future modelling projects. I would suggest that it is well worth bearing with and sampling.

I have so far resisted the urge to publish my own Pinterest board or page, however my Daughter and Daughter-in-Law both have themed boards, which they regularly update.

Try searching Pinterest and Milliput to see what I mean.....



Kaptain Kobold said...

I find Pinterest quite useful sometimes, for a range of interests. However these days 50% of the results of a Google image search seem to refer back to Pinterest anyway :)

And 50% of Pinterest results link back to Tumblr :-D

legatus hedlius said...

I looked at the site but couldn't for the life of me work it out!