Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Model Making Wood for FREE

I have in the past spoken about making use of scrap wood, the wood that you can pick up for free from greengrocers or from open-air markets. Earlier today Sue and I were in Stratford on Avon, dropping off some models for a commission and we decided rather than drive straight back we would visit Henley in Arden. As I walked around this quiet and quaint tourists destination, I saw a simple wooden packing crate being thrown out.

Back home and after five minutes work with a pair of pliers, I have enough scrap wood to last me for three or four timber framed buildings. In fact I have;
2 x 5mm thick strips (sides)
2 x 4mm thick strips (handles)
2 x 3.5mm thick strips (the ends)
3 x 1.5mm thick strips (base)

For free.


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