Tuesday, 27 June 2017

New Tools

I have recently upgraded my toolbox by purchasing these new tools. First we have a pair of Padsaws from a company called Neill, basically hacksaw blades with green plastic handles. I already had a similar saw so when I spotted these in a local hardware store, I thought I would treat myself to two. They cost just £1.99 each and I use them for cutting foam blocks into manageable pieces.

Then a pair of spring-loaded side clippers or cutters that were purchased from the internet. I tend to go through these as I damage the cutting edges when chopping metal. I will try to be good and keep these for cutting softer materials. They cost less than £2.00 each and there was free P&P.


1 comment:

BigLee said...

I like the blades. I'll have to pick some of these up for myself....ebay here I come!