Thursday, 30 November 2017

Countdown to the Orcs in the Webbe Advent Calendar 2018

Just one more sleep until the Orcs in the Webbe Advent Calendar 2017. The anticipation is palpable.

"What is the Orcs in the Webbe Advent?"

Where have you been? The OITW Advent is an annual treat for dedicated followers of certain games - Flintloque, Slaughterloo, Pax Bochemannica, Panzerfauste and many more where Craig Andrews (Editor of OITW) releases a daily treat in the form of a twenty-four free advent calendar release of original and 'written just for Advent' articles or scenarios. For more information check out previous Advents here.

Here's looking forward to another great year of content and thank you Craig for keeping up this great tradition.


NB. Free prize draw - see this post for more details.

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