Saturday 14 November 2020

Bleak Falls Gaming Board - part one the construction

Issue 452 of Miniature Wargames (December 2020) has this very special modelling article written by me - Bleak Falls. The model was initially built as a display piece for Modiphius Games Bleak Falls or the Skyrim miniature wargame to be used at wargame shows and as the background for some gaming scenarios and photographs.

The finished gaming board is very much inspired by the Skyrim computer game.

Part one shows how the gaming boards was constructed, using lots of blue foam, modelling compound and DAS modelling clay.

Throughout construction, I was continually sketching plans and ideas as to how best I could model the dramatic terrain and mountainous landscape.

The finished model is 1200mm long x 470mm wide and 780mm tall.

For more information and loads of images, see Miniature Wargames issue 452.


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Neil said...

That is some great scenery with multiple periods that it can be used.