Saturday, 3 April 2021

Scratch Built Narrow Gauge Ore Wagons - more additional content

This post shows some of the scratch built wagon loads I have built which allow me to show some variety on my 1:27.7 or 11mm = 1 foot narrow gauge railway train/layout. For more information on these wagons, see this earlier post or here which details a magazine article published in Narrow Gauge World (issue 154).

Each of the wagon loads are stand alone pieces and can if I wish, be displayed on the loading dock if needed. In this image you can see one of my highly modified and resin castings of an engine driver.

The cable drum.

A scratch built cable drum built from plastic card and some jewellery making wire, it was painted in a well-worn, untreated wood colour with rusted bolts and streaking.

The hoist wheel.

The wheel is a plastic Meccano type wheel that I found in my spares box. The wooden support was built from more plastic card. I painted it in a very rusty and worn patina with paints mixed from Chocolate Brown and Hot Orange (Vallejo).

Packing Cases.

The larger wooden packing case was built from plastic card strips over a wooden former while the wicker basket is a 1:43.5 or O gauge casting. Both have been painted with various acrylic paints and weathered with weathering powders.

I have a couple more items of clutter that I can use as wagon loads and I may post images at a later date.



Codsticker said...

Wonderful wood texture and colour, especially on the cable drum.

Tony said...

"Wonderful wood texture and colour, especially on the cable drum."

Thank you.