Sunday 21 November 2021

Flintloque/Silver Bayonet cross over - part eleven

This image show all eight Alternative Armies miniatures on my display/gaming board with the scratch-built Silver Bayonet Crypt which has appeared on this Blog and in Miniature Wargames. The unit was painted for my Flintloque/Silver Bayonet themed project.

I am now looking for a similar set of eight minis to convert and paint as a Spanish Guerrilla unit and maybe a couple of monsters. I will post details as and when I commence work on them.

The new Silver Bayonet book from Osprey has helped to inspire me to both paint minis and build terrain - which can only be a good thing.

Expect more posts soon.



Codsticker said...

Wonderful collection.

Tony said...

Thank you. The Silver Bayonet book has re-kindled my interest in Horror/Napoleonic's and I look forward to modifying and painting more minis.

Rod said...

Are the units 3D printed? I'm thinking of giving the rules a spin.

Tony said...

No, these figures are available from the Alternative Armies/Flintloque range.